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  1. Yes I found but I'm still downloading it. It will probably finish downloading tomorrow.
  2. Here's my remix. http://rapidshare.de/files/2860517/zeffbea...tarter.mp3.html
  3. I voted for Mtv Base but I wanted to vote for Jay Leno Performance. For some reason I just like it.
  4. can someone put that file back up again?
  5. I download switch reggae remix instrumental. who produced this beat? http://rapidshare.de/files/2786448/Will_Sm...ental_.mp3.html
  6. Happy B-Day Jazzy. Keep on being the Magnificent Jazzy Jeff.
  7. I went to Jazzy's website and it says that Jazzy Jeff produced a track on that album. Does anybody where I can find this track or the album?
  8. I like the remix that DJ Brakes made. I love all those scratches. Do anybody know any good programs I can I make music?
  9. the track was nice. I didn't expect they will be using "Im A Hustla" beat.
  10. can put up link for the performance again?
  11. I will like to see Switch. I don't know why but I want to just see him perform it.
  12. Is The Return Of the Magnificent going to be nationwide? Ask this because I couldn't find his first album in Texas.
  13. What are y'all talking about Party Starter isn't a single yet. Basically this is only song he can perform. I will watch it if I have the chance. I don't know about y'all.
  14. I like that Switch mix w/ Bring Em Out.
  15. I think lost and found is the best solo album Will ever did. Even people who don't like Will think this is the best album he ever made.
  16. here it is jazzyjeff_freshprince.bmp
  17. Can someone update because my internet haven't been working since May 13. I like the new look.
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