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  1. Does anyone know wills latest Chart position?
  2. i am sorry but i would have to disagree with yall on this but evryone knows 50 killed ja and murder inc on wax its common knowledge
  3. aj when i opend this thread the last part you said inspired me greatly i thank you
  4. u hate the jt combo because u think he is pop? jt is r&b and it would be off the hook!
  5. why ? justin is r and b it would work well
  6. 5.0. c.e.n.t someone is playing with the filters
  7. i wouldn't say well known never heard of him
  8. this is screwy someone must be having a ball doing this
  9. not saying i do just wondering why you said he wasn't keeping it real thats all
  10. who has done what? r u kidding? have you been reading the posts?
  11. re read it yourself and you can claerly see it i know i can hear let me help-kev a little birdie tells me that knobjockey-right there he says it
  12. and i got that name from kev who called lambertj that
  13. no but i just think you dont know or cant say whether he has been keeping it real or not what makes you the expert on keeping it real over evrybody else?
  14. from reading the posts it seems like enemy of the state is calling lambertj a knobjockey and kev tastic seems annoyed that lambertj has a different opinion than he does which is rather ridiculous
  15. that may be true but i think he was just being unfairley criticzed because he hwas being hardcore i dont see tim doing anybetter, and if u ain't got nothing nice to say then dont say it at all
  16. enemy of the state are you calling lambertj an knobjockey? for voicing his own opinion?
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