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  1. It's just a trend...i wonder if he's got any family member's names on them tho.'
  2. I don't put "Black Suits Comin'" in the same category as his real music...so i don't hold the same standards 2 it. I like the way he experimented with the rock vibe...however, if he wanted a flawless rock/rap beat, he should have went to Jam Master Jay. I think the lyrics were really creatived and LOVED his flow on the track. He took a dangerous step by making a sequel 2 a song 4 a movie soundtrack and he pulled it off. I'd never compare this track 2 any of his real music tho'...it's a song he did strictly 4 a movie.
  3. [quote=Hero1,Mar 14 2004, 07:36 AM][img]http://www.willsmith.net/images/image3.jpg[/img][/quote] CHICO: Yo man, let's head over 2 Micky D's. RAMONE: Yeah, i could go 4 some chicken nuggets. FRESH PRINCE: Man, last time they didn't put enuff M&M's in my McFlurry!! TONE: I'ma get a Big Mac myself.
  4. Prince, i don't see where the disappointing trax are. Maybe a few on the last one...but i think they did a great job of chosing trax 4 it. Cookie, Jill actually sung on the original version of the song, but for commercial reasons, they scrapped the version with the then-unknown Jill Scott 2 have Erykah Badu (already a success) sing on it. I remember The Roots saying the version with Jill is far better...so i'd love 2 hear this live version with her. I still think the version with Erykah is a modern-day classic tho.'
  5. That is dope!! Even most of the 4th disc is good...i waz expecting that one 2 be crap. Disc 3 looks like my fav 2...with 2, then 1, then 4.
  6. That waz one of the illest things i've ever read. Thanx 4 sharing. We look at that kinda stuff the same way cuz that's pretty much how i've been handeling a situation of my own.
  7. What is the source...sounds like garbage 2 me. Will has said he isn't vibing with the way the industry is now and doesn't plan on releasing anything right now.
  8. I can't chose a fav track...but here are my top favs... "Somethin' Like Dis"....new skool JJ+FP...nuff said "I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)"...the beat is thick and perfect. Lyrics are not real focused since it's a laid-back party joint. "Just Kickin' It"....JJ+FP at it's laid-back best. "Scream"....on of the best songs ever created 2 be performed live...even tho' i don't think it every waz performed live. "Shadow Dreams"...JJ+FP isn't known 4 serious, deep trax....but this song is untouchable. "Twinkle Twinle"...one of their best...period
  9. Everytime i have time 2 visit them, they are down....ha ha. A few times i tried posting and my posts never seemed 2 show up. Let us know if u put them back up.
  10. That's weird, that one page dosen't have any of my updates. It still has the TRL "Freakin' It" banner at the top with the colors Sony gave it during Willennium...ha ha. The funny thing is, ghb waz never a moderator (what's up with that!?!) It waz amg, then CarlaM who then appointed me and 3Cookies. I really wish we could open up those old posts.
  11. I first hear Twista back in 1997 and totally loved his flow. Nobody races their rhymes anymore so i welcomed it. I never did get his album tho.' I thought he fell off the face of the earth so i waz crazy happy when i heard "Slow Jamz" 1st hit the radio.
  12. Potnas The Rain Holla Back Candy How Da Beat Goes I'm Comin' Block Party Give Me Tonite Don't Say Nothin' Just Cruisin'
  13. I think this album will be one of his stronger ones. He's doing things on his own terms, he has no record label breathing down his back. He's creating the whole thing himself for himself. I think Will will be very comfortable on the album lyric and flow wise like with Born To Reign, but i think the sound will not be nearly as experimental. I think he waz trying new things, and while he'll continue 2 do so, i think he'll be going back home when it comes 2 the sound.
  14. [quote=fan 4ever,Mar 12 2004, 10:11 PM]i'm gonna keep it real with you..i don't really like this forum..way 2 much going on[/quote] I agree that there might be a bit 2 much going on. 2 many of the off-topic boards in my opinion. When Cookie waz re-working her message boards, i suggested that 2 many different forums thins out the activity cuz when there are alot of forums, it's hard 2 find motivation to use them all. U'll know after a month or so if that's really true in this case tho.'
  15. Not 2 be off-topic...but that sig is dope, Jim!!
  16. I don't get 2 watch alot of TV, but i did catch 2 new videos on BET's Midnight Love 2nite. Jagged Edge's "What's It Like" waz on and i waz already in love with this song when i got the album, but u know how the right songs with the right videos can make them even better...this is definitly the case with this track. It's a great slow jam (there havn't been many slow jams out recently). It goes back and forth between black + white scenes and color scenes (havn't seen a good video with black and white since the early and mid-90's. They are rockin' smooth suits in one of the scenes. I love Jagged Edge so and i'm happy 2 see them pushing on with their "Hard" album. Alicia Key's new video "If I Ain't Got You" is dope also. One of the best songs on her album and the video totally compliments it. She always brings a mood 2 everyone of her videos. She looks gorgous in it also. Just wanted 2 say, look out 4 these videos. I'm happy 2 see singles from 2 of my favorite albums from this fall/winter pushing on as we enter spring.
  17. Visiting Hip-Hop, music, movie chat rooms...visiting other message boards (without spamming). I've gone 2 the extent of seeing people who bid on JJ+FP stuff on ebay and then e-mail them inviting them over 2 the boards.
  18. [quote=3cookies,Mar 11 2004, 10:04 PM][color=blue]WEll the only way u gonna get rid of the little willie is to get THOSE POSTS UP YALL!!![/color][/quote] Don't go B2K on me :smile:
  19. I saw that on the news. We live in a sick world. My prayers go out 2 everyone effected by it.
  20. I'm saying that this message board looks sooooooo boring. I'm awaiting some color and a better look. My comment has nothing 2 do with the people posting on it. :slap:
  21. I'm saying, if u wanna see the album cover...it's there.
  22. Did i ever say i hate Trivia Games....they're so...trivial.
  23. Yeah, it important 2 hold it down 4 the ladies and let them know they are appricated...even if they aren't your girlfriend. My girlfriend's b-day waz 2 weeks ago. I took her 2 see 50 First Dates, got her a CD she wanted, Maid In Manhatten DVD, some roses, lots of cloths...AND A BIRD (don't ask me...she wanted it...ha ha). I also made her this fly poster that contained a whole bunch of small pictures of us all put 2gether.
  24. Right now my life is insanely busy but i love promoting JJ+FP when i can find the time. An online street team is basically a group of dedicated fans who go out and promote something all by themselves by making reviews, posts, etc all over the internet. It's knowing the fine line between a legit post and spamming...ha ha.
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