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  1. [quote=mfuqua23,Jun 9 2004, 11:28 AM]Say, how old is Trey now? Of course I'm thinkin of about how Will said "Maybe an MC" from "Just The Two of Us". It would be somethin if Trey came out. He wouldn't be like Romeo or Bow Wow. If he does become in artist, at least we'll know he'll be young musician guided correctly. Only time will tell.[/quote] A TREY SMITH EXCLUSIVE: YO MY NAME IS TREY, T-R-E-Y YEAH, I'M SO FLY YOU CAN'T DENY 'CAUSE I'M THAT GUY TREY'S FIRST RAP EVER, HE "SPIT" IT ON THE SET OF HIS FIRST PHOTO SHOOT FOR TOMMY HILFIGER KIDS IN APRIL OF 2002...NOT TOO BAD FOR A NINE YEAR OLD...MAYBE WILL'S JUST HATIN' LOL!!!!
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