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  1. 2 hours ago, bigted said:

    Well unfortunately most people on the internet these days are ignorant kids that think drake is the goat but will still has millions of more followers than big daddy Kane and krs one combined

    You’ve gotta move with the times Ted. Everything evolves to cater to a current audiences preferences. It’s not ignorance, it’s just not what they like or have even heard. If anything the older heads who don’t even attempt to listen to new school stuff before branding it trash, are the ignorant ones. 

  2. On 10/31/2019 at 1:43 PM, bigted said:

    ..well I never thought that 'LL cool j and dmx would go to def jam and other classic rappers like slick rick and krs one are still putting out music there's still hope for a jjfp album...

    In the last 4 years he’s done the Fiesta Remix, the Suicide Squad song, a mini tour where he released a new single (Get Lit), Freak Accident video online, been part of the 2018 World Cup song (which meant WC performances), a new freestyle online, another song with Marc Anthony (Esta RICO), featured on the Icon Remix (which resulted in Coachella performance and performing with Jaden on J-Coles tour), a feature on Logics album, the Aladdin music, one of which was new material, all while in the 4 year period, filming and (come January) releasing 7 movies (Suicide Squad, Collateral Beauty, Bright, Aladdin, Gemini Man, Spies In Disguise and BB3). All while running two production companies, a foundation and filming his Bucket List show, plus, having a family who also have careers. And, I’m sure I missed some stuff too. 

  3. But if I swiftly tailor what the composition needs

    I could ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Breathe’ back to my ‘Wildest Dreams’

    And spark up the ‘Love Story’ of me and the rap game 

    Remove the ‘Bad Blood’ and fill my name in the ‘Blank Space’

    Coz fellas ‘You Need To Calm Down’ so we can ‘Begin Again’

    Yeah ‘Everything Has Changed’ but no one is ‘Innocent’

    ‘It This Was A Movie’ ‘Our Song’ would be ‘End Game’ 

    Coz ‘The Outside’ is ‘Treacherous’ even on ‘The Best Day’

    But we can let the ‘Sparks Fly’ and generate the ‘Starlight’

    And force the new age ‘Eyes Open’ now for ‘The Last Time’

    So you can ‘Call it What You Want’ but now it’s time to ‘Change’

    I feel the ‘Red’ mist so its ‘Speak Now’ or go insane

    I’m ‘Crazier’ than you think and I’m ‘Fearless’ as reported

    I’ll walk hip hops ‘Holy Ground’ and leave the **** ‘Haunted’


    I googled the song titles, honest :lol:

  4. On 6/21/2019 at 5:09 AM, Hero1 said:

    It’s now racing past $800 million and going to be Wills best movie of all time. Hope he gets an Oscar nom too!

    Think that’s possible? It’d be a Cuba Gooding in Jerry Maguire type moment if he got a nod. Not your usual nomination. 

  5. 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes too. 

    This and Bright are proof of how critics are extremely detached from what the consumer actually wants from the film industry and Hollywood. Wills career is beginning to thrive again. He has the calibre to win an Oscar, but his forte is in the action, sci-fi, comedic roles. Im glad to see him returning to those genres. 

    Spies in Disguise looks like it’s gonna be a fun one for the family and Gemini Man looks dope as anything we’ve seen him do. Then of course Bad Boys for Life. It’s a very good time to be a Will Smith fan right now. 

  6. Watched it today with the family. They all loved it and Wills performance is one of his best. It’s soaring at the box office, it’s imdb rating is rising daily and audiences are raving about it. I’d say it’s Wills first hit movie for both sales, content and reviews, since I Am Legend.

    With 2 more movies coming this year, one being animated and the other a sci-fi thriller, and potentially new music, it’s feeling like 2004-05 again. 

  7. Authentically speaking I’m a product of a prophecy

    Ironically it often seems the devil has embodied me

    Increasingly I feel my inner being separate itself

    And morph into a catalyst that’s playing with my mental health

    A stealth mode cerebellum has my cranium detached 

    From the muscles and the organs that are keeping me intact

    My confidence has my vocal chord feeling like it’s slashed

    So now I don’t even possess the nerve to talk back

    That’s why I abuse rap, with my neglectful behaviours 

    Like a punishment to my own creative nature

    It was my saviour, now I’m rebelling against advice 

    That dragged me from the abyss I was descending in life

    I was a pupil to a vision, I was staring at defeat

    ’Til I made the lid flip then I lashed (eyelash) out on a beat

    The discreet became a pastime I forgot how to perceive 

    My rhyme book became a bible of where I laid belief

    So I can rise from the dead, sail flood and part seas

    And it’s all stems from music, given strength to achieve 

  8. I worked through these on YouTube yesterday and while happy he’s released new music, and never knew he has those kinda vocals at his disposal, was a bit like, because it wasn’t new content and just a rework/cover type deal, didn’t feel overly fresh. Then I heard the End Title track and yeah, that ish is dooooope. His flow was silkier than ever IMO. Loving the tone and voice changes too. 

  9. Damn Ted, you’ve been the most actively disappointed in Will not making music, then when he does, because it’s not quite the flavour you want, it’s an issue too :lol:  calm down dude, it’s not that serious. 


    This track is dope. Logics new age but with an old school twist and not a mumble rapper and Wills flow and content is somehow nostalgically fresh. Can’t hate on this in the slightest. 

  10. Are we entering another Golden Era in Wills career, ala 2001-2008? He’s churning out projects with no real care for Oscars and music is flowing. 

    2019 alone will see Aladdin, Spies In Disguise, Gemini Man and Bad Boys 3 start filming, along with the second season of Cobra Kai, and thats all outside of music.

    It’s a great time to be a fan right now!


  11. It’s like I’ve heard you quote 1000 times about people hating on Will...

    ’ain’t got nothin nice to say, don’t say nothin’ 

    Your own personal demographic on what is good music isn’t the definition or the rule. Im not a fan of Queen or Elvis, but I just don’t listen or comment on them. Same as I’m an Em fan but I rarely listen to anything post Eminem Show, aside from a handful of tracks and Recovery. 

    I know how classic He’s the DJ is but I’d rather listen to Code Red, never seen a Star Wars film in my life, but love Fast and Furious. Never seen the Godfather, loved Lawless. Classics are defined by a large demographic regarding that specific thing highly. The minorities opinion doesn’t tarnish somethings classic status. 

  12. 12 hours ago, bigted said:

    Well like I mentioned maybe this freestyle will open up the ignorant millennials towards the classic hip hop n for the record when I think of classic albums I think of jjfp he's the DJ I'm the rapper ll cool j mama said knock you out Beastie boys licensed to I'll Nas illmatic n not Eminem or 99%of albums post 2000 don't get me wrong he's a good rapper but I wouldn't put him in the same breath as them

    I’ve never got this whole drama between what music was and now is. You like what you like and don’t listen to what you don’t like. Majority rules.... Brexit, Trump etc. If the majority ain’t interested in a new LL or Nas album, why would it be promoted mainstream?

    Is it a shame your favourite artists don’t get the air time you’d like? Sure.. for YOU!

    You pigeonhole a lot of albums, artists and songs etc based on your own tastes and what era you like most and almost don’t wanna even entertain that someone post 2000 could be as skilled. 

    I challenge anyone of your favourite rappers to be able to produce the same kind of wordplay, imagery, flow and delivery that Eminem has his whole career, while also adapting to the change in audiences preferences and staying current. 

  13. 3 hours ago, fan 4ever said:

    I don’t want to go off topic or start a fight, but The Marshall Mather’s LP is a classic album. Straight fire. Willennium is a great album (maybe even my favorite JJFP album) but it didn’t have the same impact as TMMLP.

    Looking forward to hear more music and see how Will will bring real Hip Hop back!


    MMLP was a masterpiece. Em is a beast. They’re my 2 favourite rappers and couldn’t be more different. Contrast is key. 

  14. 7 hours ago, Ale said:

    Just watched it too. I have to be honest and, although there's some great action scenes in the movie and a great chemistry between Will and Joel, I didn't enjoy the story. Everything happens too fast in my opinion, and, apart from Jakoby, I didn't really like any of the characters. Not even  Will's. It's definitely not my type of genre either.

    One thing is for sure though: seeing Will back in action made me realize how much I want 'Bad Boys 3'. But I'm also excited to see what he's able to do as the Genie in 'Aladdin' :)


    The rushed feeling was the only reason I didn’t rate it 10/10. I think it would have been better suited as a series so the storyline could be developed and explained in more detail. 

  15. Watched it last night, thought it was brilliant. 

    Wills best on screen chemistry since Tommy Lee Jones and a lot of hidden messages that can pertain to our lives now. I truly believe there’s a huge approach at this movie being about racism and prejudice. Is it Oscar worthy? No. Was it meant to be? Absolutely not. 


  16. 1 hour ago, Hero1 said:

    Anyone under 25 is not interested in a movie from Will Smith... people saw suicide squad because of Margot Robbie and the joker... if bright was released in cinemas it would be another box office failure...it’s like when you see a great actor be in a string of bad movies and then they start to appear in straight to DVD type material. The fact is Will no longer is the drawer he was in the 90s because of continued poor choices in movies...

    A lot of great, successful actors go into that stigma though. Morgan Freeman and Sam Jackson to be exact. Will is 50 nearly, he’s not aiming at the under 25s anymore, he’s aiming to be a better actor, which he is. You’ve gotta remember Will had some blockbusters on some pretty bad films, WWW, Hancock etc. He made bad movies while being successful in the box office, it’s just his roles aren’t blockbuster worthy. 

    Netflix won’t give a damn about the critics if the public like and watch it, which seems to be the case. 

  17. I wouldn’t call a persons acting career dead when in the last 2 years he’s been nominated for a golden globe, starred in a top 10 grossing movie of 2016, that also won an Oscar, all be it for makeup. I’d say he’s not making the movies he used to so people are put off, but as an actor, he’s the best he’s ever been. Just strikes me that everyone thinks The Fresh Prince couldn’t possibly be an a grade actor.

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