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[font="Arial"][color=blue]I would like to be the first in congratulating all of the newest additions to the JJFP moderating team. We had a recommendation list, and to my surprise each and every one of the nominees were qualified candidates..and interested in moderating. We all are soo proud of each of you...

[b]CONGRATULATIONS!...goes out to:[/b]
Jazzy Julie
The RealBigWillie
Top Dawg14

[b]Special Thanks:[/b]
Our moderating team is led by our two fyne administrators...
[b][color=red]Administrators [/color][/b]
Hero1 ~ who orchestrated & created the entire site...
Hax ~ the IT expert & Host, who helped take it to another level...


3cookies[/color][/font] Edited by 3cookies

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Cool...much thanx 2 Hero1 and Hax 4 all of this...

I just wanna say that I've really gotten used 2 this board...ever since 3cookies told us about the "View New Posts" link on top, it's become MUCH easier!! :biggrin: THANX!

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