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Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to say hello and say thanks to all of you who have bought tickets to the Blackpool or Croatia shows.

This has been in the works for quite some time so I am so excited that we can finally talk about it!

With that said, are there any songs that you'd like to see Jeff & Will perform? Looking forward to meeting all of you. 


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Hey Nicole. This post will blow up now you've asked that question. Other than the big hits. I'd definately like to see them do. I'm looking for the one, The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff and Boom Shake The Room is a must just due to how big an anthem it was and still is in the UK. Will be great to finally meet you.

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Hey Nicole, what an amazing show to get over the line! I'm so excited about this! Songs that come straight to mind.

Boom! Shake the room ( everyone knows the lyrics to this - #1 UK hit - I know it's not Will's fav track but it would go down amazing live)

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (30 years of JJFP - gotta start with their first track)

Brand New Funk (Prob their best track live)

Summertime (Please get some female vocalists on this tour - Will yelling summertime during the chorus kinda ruins it)

Potnas (this would be an amazing song live - everyone doing the potna oath)

Jeff Waz on the Beat Box (if I was choosing something off and in this corner - this is the track)

Ring My Bell (do the hula remix - fun track)

I Wanna Rock (one of the best DJ tracks in hip hop - great break to showcase Jeff's skills)

Here We Go Again (this is a bit outside the box but I just think it's a great track from he's the DJ)

I'm Looking for the One (teddy Riley jam that us great live)

Parents Just Don't Understand (I'd be interested in stro Elliot chopping this up to give it a fresh 2017 remix)

I'm All That (one of Will's best rhymes)

From Da South ( I know Will knows the lyrics to this because he rapped it for me but this kind of b-side would be a great nod to the hardcore JJFP fans)

Twinkle Twinkle (this is my fav track of all time so I'm throwing it in there)

Live at Union Square (one of the great JJFP routines)

just the Two of Us (everyone loved that song - nice and heartfelt to mix things up)

Lost & Found (this is an amazing track)

Tell Me Why 

I better not keep going but that's a start :)

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Looking forward to catching up with you Nicole!

My personal favourites I would love to hear live are :

- I'm Looking for the one
- Somethin' Like Dis
- From Da South
- I'm all that
- Code Red
- I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
- Rhythm Trax House Party Style
- Yes yes y'all
- I'm coming

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Aw Nicole are you coming, it will be nice to finally meet you.

Obviously the big tracks from Big Willie Style will go down well. Wild Wild West is a tune, love it if they threw that in there.

I agree with Kev, Boom was a big hit here in the UK, I'd love to hear that live. 

Summertime is a given, massive hit here.

I love switch and that charted for almost 6 months in the UK.

My fave JJFP tracks are, Brand New Funk, I'm Looking for the One, Parents Just Don't Understand, Ring My Bell, I Wanna Rock, Twinkle Twinkle. 


I think the 27th of August is gonna be the best day of my life. 

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Hey Nicole...are these shows going to be recorded so that fans here in the US can watch too? :smiley-sport035:

Some songs I'd like to see live...

- Somethin Like Dis
- Scream
- I'm Looking for the One 
- Jazzy's Groove
- Brand New Funk
- The Things That U Do
- Boom! Shake the Room

- and maybe the track Will did over Kanye's Clique track.... 

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8 minutes ago, the magnificent said:

-Hes the dj im the rapper
-I Wanna Rock
-Brand New Funk
-The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff

Think im gonna have to buy a separate golden circle ticket :lookaround:

Tickets are almost sold out so I would get on to that! Good idea to be in the golden circle with all of us! 

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i'm surprised nobody listed tracks off of lost and found like party starter, chosen one, pump ya brakes, tell me why, and comin to the stage but you know if JJFP do half these songs that we all mentioned it'll end up being one of the greatest shows in hip hop history!

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I would like to see them do the following songs:

  • Brand New Funk
  • Rock The House
  • Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
  • Parents Just Don't Understand
  • Here We Go Again
  • As We Go
  • I'm All That
  • Summertime
  • Ring My Bell
  • Somethin' Like Dis
  • I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)
  • Boom! Shake The Room
  • I Wanna Rock
  • Scream
  • Just Kickin' It
  • You Saw My Blinker
  • Y'all know
  • Getting Jiggy With It
  • Don't Say Nothin
  • Just Cruisin
  • Big Willie Style
  • So Fresh
  • Pump Me Up
  • Potnas
  • Uuhhh
  • The Rain
  • Act Like You Know
  • Block Party
  • Party Starter
  • Switch
  • I Wish I Made That/Swagga
  • Lost And Found

Damn... my list just doesn't seem to stop!


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I'd like to hear 

Here We Go Again

Brand New Funk

A Nightmare On My Street

Jeff Waz On The Beatbox 

Everything That Glitters 


The Things That U Do

Ring My Bell

Caught In The Middle 

Something Like Dis 

I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

Just Kickin It 


I Wanna Rock

Ya'll Know 

I'm Comin

Pump Me Up

The Rain

Lost And Found 

Tell Me Why


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So i got married yesterday and my best man got Jeff to send us a video message for the service.

He also said he's looking forward to seeing us at a JJFP show. Great character, great guy to the fans.

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