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thread for posts relating to Jada, the kids, or misc stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere...compressing them b/c they usually don't get lots of responses, just lots of views so in an effort to keep

Jada Pinkett Smith Dines in London After Sound of Change Live Concert http://gossipcenter.com/jada-pinkett-smith/jada-pinkett-smith-dines-london-after-sound-change-live-concert-865143

I don't care for Sheree's relationships nor do I care for Sheree herself. I don't know the woman and I couldn't care less what she's up to. All I'm saying is once you put yourself out to the public yo

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Cute girl,but she really looks ridiculous.Don't know why but I had a feeling that Jaden and especially Willow are in the industry because Will is intent on making a dynasty and not because they really wanted it.Btw,Trey wouldn't be with them in NY (again),I was really looking forward to finally heard his music or something about him .

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Im sooo happy it is Willow, when I saw the video it was blurry and taken from far away and I thought he took a little skinny boy from the audience to dance with him and Jaden lol.

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From Jada's Facebook:

I remember loosing my virginity and it being a joyous death of innocence. I was never the same again...gratefully.

Turning 40...I believed there was no innocence left to loose, only to learn that every idea, every purpose, every belief, every love, every commitment got turned upside down. All I had believed was true was now untrue. Everything I had believed to be untrue is now...true.

The reveal of my ignorance and lack of consciousness in regards to my arrogance, has been beyond humbling.


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Willow Smith's Friendly Holiday Afternoon

Out for a relaxing Memorial Day afternoon, Willow Smith and a friend were spotted hanging out at the Calabasas Commons in California on Monday afternoon (May 28).

The “Whip Your Hair” songstress looked adorably funky in skinny jeans, high top Air Jordan's and an Anthrax graphic tee while sporting a new short plum colored hairstyle.


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