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  1. bigted

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    A heavy d playlist I made on spotify
  2. bigted


    Interesting read
  3. bigted

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Nas illmatic album
  4. Well cursing doesn't personally bother me but unfortunately like I said a big portion of his fan base view him as family-friendly and it's gonna be a risk to his image.. Btw yes I thought he dragged out parts of this interview I wasn't feeling that ei ther....
  5. I do like how the interview spent time talking about the early jjfp d ays
  6. bigted

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Bad boys 3 is what i wanted for years hope instills happens n I wouldn't mind him doing a song for the soundtrack
  7. Where's everyone else's thoughts on this interview? I got much more thoughts but I prefer to hear from others first..
  8. bigted

    Magnificent 3

    All this Will talk people put Jeff on the back burner but yes m3 and summertime 9 are excellent pieces of work
  9. Thanks to this I watched this in bits over the past couple days now there's great parts but I personally don't agree with his stance on cussing in his music now still he tries to make it look like trump is the devil like so many celebrities now do I liked Obama too but life wasn't perfect then either if it was then why didn't will release more music? Now will believes the public's perception of him being a blockbuster actor that occasionally raps he doesn't have high confidence in his mc ability as a fan who has believed in his music I find that disappointing that he's only chasing after what's popular these days saying that today's rappers have more talent than him
  10. I thought the game just ended I didn't see will yet...
  11. This is now the most popular music video of his career on YouTube he should just drop the album already
  12. 90s were a better time there was hip hop legends that transcended music I didn't like puffy much then but he's like rakim compared to drake
  13. I usually don't push my religious views on people but I believe no politician athlete or entertainer can save the world only Jesus can unfortunately not many feel like me that's why the world is messed up
  14. Artists take a risk BTW when they talk politics because we all feel different public enemy are legends but they'd never be invited to white house no matter who's Pres because of their radical views Dixie chicks lost some fans when they dissed bush n ll cool j lost some conservative fans when he criticised Sarah Palin etc....
  15. I don't usually talk politics but I personally lean Republican I voted Hillary Clinton over trump because he makes a mockery of America he's no politician he's the biggest clown
  16. Well there's a lot of conservative republicans who don't like rap but listen to rappers like will smith and mc hammer because they're family friendly and have values they share
  17. bigted

    Will's new album

    Well after knowing Will's cursing he probably gonna work with pop rappers more likely than classic MCs im definitely more skeptical again....
  18. In other words I could live with cursing if it's like a krs album but if it sounds like a drake album I ain't bumping it n I'm sure his core fans feel the same will should be true to real hip hop do an album with Jeff n f what these pop rappers are doing they're just as lame as trump
  19. Well basically I don't have a problem with him cursing because he's grown but it's just the principle that he built a rap career off of being a family friendly rapper, I believe a core fan base will get turned off, now if this sounds like the average pop rap album I'm gonna be turned off too...
  20. What happened to I don't follow everybody when it's time to rap?