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  1. bigted

    lovin livin

    I like to play that track if I'm feeling down 'cause it gets me feelin' happy again! That type of hip-hop makes ya feel good, you n'ah mean! Holla! :biggrin:
  2. bigted

    hip hop forever II Review

    [quote=Hero1,Apr 11 2004, 07:37 AM]AMG REVIEW: You'd be hard pressed to find a top ten hip-hop DJs of all-time list that doesn't include DJ Jazzy Jeff. He might have been made famous with his crossover (meaning white moms and 12-year-olds dig it) songs with The Fresh Prince, but anyone looking for action knew to skip the pop confectioneries and go directly to "Live at Union Square" to hear the sound of two fierce and hungry talents, one on the mike and one on the decks, tearing through cuts back when hip-hop was an uprising rather than lording prince of pop music. This first official mix by DJ Jazzy Jeff serves up almost two-dozen select choices of early-'90s hip-hop from East Coast establishment Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, and Pete Rock, along with West Coast luminaries The Pharcyde and Cypress Hill, while younger craftsmen, including Jaylib and J-Live, keep things fresh. But beyond the sophisticated yet populist selections, the real excitement comes from Jeff's vintage and masterful scratching, which keeps things hype, while the actual tempo and volume stay deep in the pocket. With nothing left to prove, Jeff is left to do what he does best, moving heads and feet with two turntables and a stack of records. Let the DJ be the DJ. — Joshua Glazer 4 stars outta 5[/quote] That was a great review giving Jazzy Jeff props that he deserves! :dancingcool:
  3. bigted

    top 50 rappers

    I'm gonna give y'all a list of my all-time Top 20 Rappers It goes a little somethin' like dis: 1-2Pac 2-KRS-ONE(Boggie Down Productions) 3-JJFP 4-Run-Dmc 5-LL Cool J 6-Eric B. and Rakim 7-Public Enemy 8-Slick Rick 9-Salt-N-Pepa 10-Nas 11-Sugar Hill Gang 12-Big Daddy Kane 13-Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five 14-Snoop Dogg 15-Ice Cube 16-Queen Latifah 17-A Tribe Called Quest 18-Busta Rhymes 19-Fugees 20-DMX Honorable Mention:Kurtis Blow and Naughty By Nature MTV Wouldn't Make A List Like That!
  4. bigted

    Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

    Happy Easter y'all, have fun! :dancingcool:
  5. bigted

    eminem: your opinion here

    As much as Eminem sucks, he'll still outlast 50 Cent, 'cause I see that 50 Cent is more of a one-hit wonder. I even find D-12 more entertaining than G-Unit now. Jazzy Jeff has better artists on his Touch of Jazz company than Dr. Dre does, even though the mainstream only knows about Jill Scott and Floetry, his rappers have skills that G-Unit and D-12 lack! JJFP have to join forces again!
  6. bigted

    eminem: your opinion here

    I think that Eminem is overrated but he's not the worst rapper. He sucks though 'cause he's not great either!
  7. bigted


    Even though they lost tonight, the Devils showed more heart to win, so I'mma keep hope up that the Devils will find a way! Peace!
  8. Hip hop today is unoriginal when every rapper copies off of another. There are few artists willing to be themselves like Nas, Outkast, and Kanye West are. I think that the lyricist part of the game is gone when most just make songs to get the TRL fans to vote on instead of making music from the heart! There's nothing wrong with battling when it helps bring creativeness to the frontline, just like that Nas and Jay-Z battle, they brough tthe classic albums "God's Son" and "The Blueprint". When Nelly dissed KRS-ONE, KRS-ONE came back to make 2 underground classics in one year"Spiritual Minded" and Kristyles", in which I enjoyed. Enough said, battling brings a better way to express yourself because freestyling is real hip-hop, but Will comes back at gangsta rappers by being original, that's what makes him better than other rappers today! Old school hip-hop will reign supreme!
  9. bigted

    I wanna rock vs Pump me up

    Damn, that's a close call, but I gotta gives props to "I Wanna Rock" 'cause that was such a great feel good JJFP track! "Pump Me Up" was a great track too but everything that JJFP did on that "Code Red" was a straight up hip-hop classic. That was one of the best albums in hip-hop history and deserves some props. They make competion bow down with their creativeness. No matter what they do, when JJFP collaborate, they have great chemistry!
  10. Well beef is somethin' that every M.C. in the game has to face sooner or later, but at the end of the day it's all good. They're all professionals that have to find a way to compete. It all comes down to skills in the end, just like sports, off the court in the NBA Jordan and Barkley were best friends, but on the court they wanted to kill each other when they played. If Eminem tries to diss Will again, Will should diss him back, but the beef should be kept on wax. There's enough cake out there for every rapper to eat, so we shouldn't take this too serious!
  11. bigted

    "Bad Girls"

    I think that the thing with rappers in the acting business has gotten too much out of hand, as a result there's more hype put into movies than there is from music. Like Will, Queen Latifah gets put down 'cause her music is more positive than what the other female M.C.'s like Lil' Kim and Trina are potraying wit their sexuality! Now Missy Elliot's starting to act in movies like "Honey" and that's a joke! :cussing: I think that Queen Latifah has to focus more on her rappin' and work wit Naughty By Nature again, to keep holdin' it down for Dirty Jers',Holla
  12. bigted

    somethin like dis lyrics?

    On that last verse he raps real fast like Twista does, that was an ill song! :rock:
  13. bigted

    "Bad Girls"

    If it's like "Set It Off", it'll be a classic! :rock:
  14. bigted


    Word up, the Devils were disappointing to watch tonight, they gotta play better to win! :cussing:
  15. bigted

    somethin like dis lyrics?

    Rappers say some funny **** sometimes, it's hard to tell what Will means by that line! :dunno:
  16. bigted

    The best love song by Will

    What up, I would pick "Candy" over "Chasin' Forever" 'cause "Chasin' Forever"'s too deep of a song for someone you've been wit for only 2 weeks! Slow down on that record, but if you wanna get down wit her, I'd play "Let's Get Busy, Baby"from "He's The Dj, I'm The Rapper" album, if you know what I mean! :dancingcool:
  17. bigted


    Well, I like the Bulls before they won those 6 titles(since '90), so I don't care if they ain't winning now. The Nets haven't won an NBA title yet so I wouldn't get too hyped over them! They ain't lookin' any better than the Bulls are 'cause the NBA is not as strong as it was when Jordan,Magic, and Barkley were playing.
  18. bigted

    Will in a huff

    I don't think that Will would lose his cool that easily, he knows how to protect his rep. :confused:
  19. That sounds like somethin' that Ed Lover would say! He says some funny stuff on Power 105.1 FM.
  20. bigted


    Hey man I'm livin' in Seaside right now. Iused to live in North Jers' as well when I was younger(6 years in Irvington and 3 in Elizabeth) until I moved to Seaside in '94 when I turned 9 years old. Anyway, I wish I could go to a playoff game, but the tickets are expensive and hard to get. I'm gonna catch as much of the playoffs as I can on TV like everyone else. The Devils are the only 'Jersey team that I like though, 'cause I like the Eagles as my favorite football team and the Bulls are my favorite basketball team. Holla! Go Devils!
  21. bigted


    Hell yeah! I'm reppin' Dirty Jers' as well,hold it down y'all!
  22. bigted


    Don't sweat it, the Devils are going all the way again as long as they have Brodeur! :biggrin:
  23. I went on the boardwalk to see if he was there, but I found out I was too late! I was mad when I found out that I missed the performance. :dunno:
  24. bigted

    Will Produces "Mr. President"

    [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Apr 6 2004, 10:32 AM]Since he's grown up (and dropped that ill song "My Baby"), he's been cool with me. After all, he's one of the only people that's putting out Hip-Hop that's not loaded with explict lyrics.[/quote] I'm wit you on that one, I ain't gonna come down hard on Bow Wow 'cause his skills are actually more creative than a lot of rappers out right now. I ain't a big fan of his, but he's a'ight and you can see that he's growing more mature now, so I ain't mad at him, Holla!
  25. bigted


    I've been working at Kmart since last summer and it's a pretty easy job except sometimes customers could get on your damn nerves! Especially when it's a holiday, I have a lot more work to do and it's hard to please them but when I look at my holiday paycheck, it makes it all worth it.