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  1. In before... "But when is young Will going to drop more music?" Movie looks great. Amped for this one... happy to see WIll doing some precision fight scenes for once.
  2. Will's statement on the role at CinemaCon: Very much forward to seeing this.
  3. MaxFly

    Collateral Beauty

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrJfuDKQysg Another great interview.
  4. Julie, go see it. I hear that Will killed it as Deadpool and quite a number of people liked the movie and are very impressed by his performance. As for the reviews, something is off... Take this one for instance... http://www.sfgate.com/movies/article/Suicide-Squad-is-two-hours-of-9067798.php The reviewer absolutely hated the movie and practically everything about it, but this paragraph stands out... Not sure how anyone can review a movie when they haven't grasped some of the more basic, foundational storylines of the movie and the movie's universe... all of which were made painfully clear. Batman's dead? Really? Who's the guy in the Justice League movie coming out next year? There's a spoiler regarding Suicide Squad that makes that statement even more absurd.
  5. Excellent interview by Will. He makes a cogent argument and frames the issue well. The problem isn't that he wasn't nominated or that individuals of color should be awarded just as much as others... the issue is that there is a systemic undercurrent of prejudice in the entertainment industry that often reflects that of society as a whole. Yes, there's a lack of diversity among those who choose the nominees, but that also extends to those who green light-movies, finance movies, write scripts and cast roles. It's no secret that black actors not name Halle, Denzel, Will, Samuel or Morgan have a short shelf life in Hollywood and find it hard to consistently get roles. More importantly, as Will pointed out, the effects extend past Hollywood. When young people watch movies and are hard-pressed to find individuals who look like them, reflect their culture and reflect their experiences, both in character and out of character, we do them a disservice. I think the most salient thing he said in the interview was something to the effect of... Look, it's not that serious... I'm just an actor... but it's important to remember that movies plant seeds for dreams. All that said, and as right as he and Jada are, I didn't and still don't think Will was the right person to be at the forefront of this (very ironic given that was a major theme in concussion as well). My concern is that others will find the protest self serving and sour grapes as a result of not being nominated, making Will and Jada the story instead of the wider issue. It would be unfortunate if this damaged his reputation as an all around good guy in Hollywood. Janet Hubert, in her never-ending saltiness, has already called them out with many rallying to her side. Thankfully many other thoughtful actors of various racial background have echoed the same sentiments Will and Jada have noted, and even President Obama has weighed in. In this age of Trump and banning Muslims, Ann Coulter and making sure minorities assimilate, this is a very important discussion to have. Janet must be even saltier today.
  6. MaxFly


    Lol, It's not true, Typhoon. There were scheduling conflicts as Will was filming both Concussion and Suicide Squad. They were asking him to commit to two sequels for ID4 and he both wasn't able and wasn't willing to do that. And no, he didn't ask that Jaden be in the ID4 sequels. No need to be disappointed... none of it is true. It's the internet... people love spreading lies.
  7. MaxFly


    Great trailer, and the movie looks to be an awesome addition to the sci-fi genre. It basically addresses and springboard's off of every question I had at the end of ID4 back in 1996... when I was a kid. We've unfortunately never really seen a movie like this, and it's about time. Are all of the aliens who attacked dead, or is there a contingent on earth? If there is a contingent on earth, how many, and how much of a problem will they present? Will humans be able to utilize alien technology and integrate it into our own technology... both military and every day. How quickly will we advance if we are able to utilize alien technology, and how will it affect our society? Speaking of society, what has become of world governments, how have the maps been redrawn, who are the big players? Are we seeing civil unrest, wars, unlikely alliances? How did 1996 affect society, governments, religion. And the biggest question... how have we prepared for a possible second engagement. This universe is rich with stories... the sci-fi stuff, yes... but the human, societal narrative can be compelling as well. How does society respond to such a traumatic, pyrrhic victory? Are we still as petty as we were in 96? Have we splintered, or are we unified? The writers may or may not have been able to create a great continuation of the original... we'll have to wait to see in theaters... but I'm confused as to why so many people found it hard to imagine what the storylines for a sequel could be when it seems so obvious. Even taking away the sci-fi... society is traumatized and in ruins, and it's not of our own making. That's a compelling story on just those merits.
  8. MaxFly


    This looks like it will be great. Big topic, the acting is on point, the Nigerian accent is particularly and scarily on point.
  9. MaxFly

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    ​Very interesting indeed.
  10. MaxFly

    Suicide Squad

    ​Not necessarily... Guardians of the Galaxy did quite well, and very few people... even comic book fans... were well versed on the characters and their significance to the Marvel Universe.
  11. MaxFly

    Suicide Squad

    ​That's what Deadshot often looked like in past comics. Lol, I wish people would wait a little before they freak out... as evidenced by the pictures that follow. Most of the internet now is like... "Oh... well... I guess Will Smith is ok. He still looks terrible, plus he's black! The producers must have shut down his input and not allowed him to influence the character!" Sigh... the internet.
  12. MaxFly


    ​I don't think I can agree, AJ. ID4 ended in a manner that left room for a lot of stories to be told. Will and Jeff destroyed the mother ship and subsequently incapacitated all of the sub-ships, but it is inevitable that aliens survived and have quite a bit of tech... at least enough to pose a major threat for surviving humans. Moreover, most of the major cities of the world have been destroyed, governments have been toppled, and order is scarce. Disease is likely rampant, people who lived in and escaped the cities are living in refugee camps in cities and towns that don't have the resources to support them and humans (both good and bad) now have access to very powerful and dangerous alien technology. There are a lot of stories here and it always felt weird to me to leave the aftermath up in the air. I also don't think this is greed. 1 sequel in 20 years when there are great, unforced stories that can be told isn't really greed. We all... well, many of us... enjoyed ID4 and want it to remain untouched, but it seems worth it to revisit that universe and see what the aftermath could be.
  13. MaxFly

    Suicide Squad

    Ouch... 6 times? Yeah, I think people forget that while Will is nice, he's still a 6'2", 200 pound guy who trains consistently. Here he comes. He can rock, he can break dance and he can pop. He can rap, he can act... and if it comes down to it, he can scrap. Hey there, here comes Big Will again.