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  1. This looks like it will be great. Big topic, the acting is on point, the Nigerian accent is particularly and scarily on point.
  2. Movement on Bad Boys III

    ​Very interesting indeed.
  3. Suicide Squad

    ​Not necessarily... Guardians of the Galaxy did quite well, and very few people... even comic book fans... were well versed on the characters and their significance to the Marvel Universe.
  4. Suicide Squad

    ​That's what Deadshot often looked like in past comics. Lol, I wish people would wait a little before they freak out... as evidenced by the pictures that follow. Most of the internet now is like... "Oh... well... I guess Will Smith is ok. He still looks terrible, plus he's black! The producers must have shut down his input and not allowed him to influence the character!" Sigh... the internet.  

    ​I don't think I can agree, AJ. ID4 ended in a manner that left room for a lot of stories to be told. Will and Jeff destroyed the mother ship and subsequently incapacitated all of the sub-ships, but it is inevitable that aliens survived and have quite a bit of tech... at least enough to pose a major threat for surviving humans. Moreover, most of the major cities of the world have been destroyed, governments have been toppled, and order is scarce. Disease is likely rampant, people who lived in and escaped the cities are living in refugee camps in cities and towns that don't have the resources to support them and humans (both good and bad) now have access to very powerful and dangerous alien technology. There are a lot of stories here  and it always felt weird to me to leave the aftermath up in the air. I also don't think this is greed. 1 sequel in 20 years when there are great, unforced stories that can be told isn't really greed. We all... well, many of us... enjoyed ID4 and want it to remain untouched, but it seems worth it to revisit that universe and see what the aftermath could be.    
  6. Suicide Squad

    Ouch... 6 times? Yeah, I think people forget that while Will is nice, he's still a 6'2", 200 pound guy who trains consistently.  Here he comes. He can rock, he can break dance and he can pop. He can rap, he can act... and if it comes down to it, he can scrap. Hey there, here comes Big Will again.
  7. Focus: released March 2015

    So, I saw Focus on Thursday; I was invited to a free screening. Will and Margo certainly have an uncanny chemistry. I think you guys will like it.
  8. Suicide Squad

    I don't think "Smith's" (are we not calling him Will anymore?) career is really worsening. The simple fact is that he has only starred in 2 movies since Seven Pounds in 2008. It's 2014. That's 2 movies in 6 years. From everything I've seen and heard, it seems that he decided to take a step back and relax/focus on his family. It's one of the reasons we got After Earth. It could certainly seem that his career is in the doldrums, but that's largely a function of the lack of movies... and from all appearances, it seems that the hiatus is over. Concerning the Suicide Squad, I'd be interesting to see who they'd actually want him to play. The only black, male characters that are or have been members are Bronze Tiger, Black Manta and Black Spider. Apart from the ridiculously stereotypical names, they are all extremely minor characters in the DC Universe and on the Suicide Squad. It would certainly be interesting to see Will in one of these roles, but it wouldn't make sense for him to be a background character as these have historically been. I wouldn't pay to see that movie if he's nothing more than a supporting character there to say a few lines and then die... (yeah, did I mention that the bad guys on the suicide squad are generally expendable except for the big name villains?)
  9. Focus: released March 2015

    Yup... bad movies like Hitch... :-)
  10. I came across this article today, and I have to say... I like and respect Denzel's work... but this belies a level of gross disrespect for what Will has managed to do over the last 24 years.
  11. He was great!... This should be a fun competition.
  12. Wow... what a terrible, terrible list. Off the bat, no LL, Ice-T or Common, but somehow Diddy and Cam'ron are on this list. And Mark Wahlberg over Will Smith... Will Smith is a premiere talent in Hollywood. 2 time Oscar nominee with a ridiculous box office draw... something like 10 straight 100 million dollar movies, not to mention that he's the most famous actor worldwide. I know people have various reasons for not liking Will, and many wish he had stuck with music, but he's legitimately the biggest movie star in the world, and that's been the case for the better part of a decade. This list amounts to an insult. SMH
  13. Will & Jada to produce 'Escribana'

    Ugh... when are we going to get more music from Ja... oh... wrong person...
  14. Jada/Fam/Misc

    Very heartwarming... :-)