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    thats really sad to hear that. and read so many of these stories again.. im so sensitive to these sort of things. Just reading about t he last few 'dog' stories, touched my heart, because as we were moving to California, we had to sadly leave our dog, Zeuss behind. OMG, the look in his eyes, was sooo piercing, he would not even look at me as I was talking to him, which was so heartbreaking. We left him with one of my daughters friends, and she called to check on him one day a year or so back, and was told that he ran out of the house and never returned. That made my son Jay cry soooo much,. and it just tore me to pieces. I often worry about him, and wander is he safe, is he dead, did a nice family take him in? ,.. what happened to him and that guilt is just riding my heart so bad. But I just really could not bring him, we didnt have the space for him in my car, yet he was a part of the family.. so I know how it feels to lose a family pet. THe love never dies... and my heart and prayers goes out to those pet lovers who have lost pets to seemingly, untimely deaths.. xo, cookie
  2. 3cookies

    Happy Birthday FreshPrincess!

    awww.. i wasn't on the board, on ur special day.. but I do want to wish u a very happy Birthday!! I hope it was all that you wanted FreshPrincess!!! xo, cookie
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    Would be good to see you register on the forum for encouragement and also, so that you can interact with the fans... but although Will won't be on the board to answer that question, I would be more than happy to, as a single mother myself. I've struggled for many years on end, tho I refuse to continue to claim that 'status' of struggling, I am sufficing independently of any man, and doing quite well with what I have, and happy while Im doing it. Forgiveness begins with SELF. Its not about looking at what we've endures during our struggles, and feeling sorry for ourselves, trust me. .ive been there. It's about looking deep within and seeing that STRONG soul that resides in your body... and facing your struggles HEAD on and having a seed of "faith" knowing that you can and will overcome each and every obstacle in your path. Seemingly, when ur unable to do for urself, the world turns it's back on u, to face a cruel cold world, but I am here to tell you. .that you can make it. You can attain anything you visualize. Once you realize just how powerful you are and the potential that lies within your willpower, the world will be in your hand to call the shots as u wish. Same thing with work. Whatever job that you want, you can walk into it with grace and the CONFIDENCE of knowing, "Hey! This is for ME. I'm claiming this one!. Its what I want, Its everything Ive ever dreamed of, and Im not giving up until its MINE." Then, you have to stir up ur inner strength ,and rid urself of all thoughts of impossibilities, self doubt, and negativity. Its hard, I must confess, but when ur on that 'negative' mindset, u have to get back on track and take control of the vehicle to your destiny. You have to ASK God,.. I love Will, but God is the all powerful force that has blessed Will. Hes only a hu~'man' like u and I. Dont go to Will, go to God... and blessings do flow through Believing in God and that all things are possible. I've learned the power in three words. : "ASK, BELIEVE & RECEIVE". If you trust no one in this world. Trust YOURself. Believe in yourself. and know that your future changes when you learn to forgive yourself... for blaming urself on the shortcomings that you face, ur inadequacies, and only then will you will regain a sense of empowerment that make you wander why you waited so long to embrace where u are in life, appreciate self, and open urself up for growth and abundance... Will doesn't have that answer. You do. So make it happen. peace, cookie
  4. Happy Birthday to you... Havent seen u on the board for awhile, and I hope ur doing ok. HOpe its a good day 4 u!!! xo, cookie
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    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    aww thanks Timboat. Im soooo critical. I cant even look at the pic too long, because I can work on it to perfection. and almost hate that I rushed it 4 Kel to see while he was in Los Angeles... but I appreciate that soo much. He's going to be FLOORED when he sees the final production. its AMAZING.... you guys are going to be proud 2 be a part of it... Will is Next... hahahhaa CHIEF!!!! THX 4 calling me. I enjoyed our talk soooo much. I really need to get out, if im loooking forward to ur calls!!! :stickpoke: LOL. We know u have a retarded, warped personality.. i just hope the KeL doesnt feel awkward if he infact.. reads what u said... I doubt it, but u neva know... xo, cookie
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    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    LOL.... Silver Tiger...ur hillarious. so when did u join us? im talking way back in 1999 - 2000... what year... so i can pinpoint. we've had thousands of fans to come and go... and the ppl that i mentioned were the ONLY regular fans b4 i joined in (either late 1999/2000) .. i was actually the first female fan to hang around.. tho i was a TRIP then too. just get me on track.. but i look up to u too.. we dont have to be a celebrity do we? lol by all means, ur welcome on the Podcast.. i cant be there.. and the more who can make it the merrier.. I just hope it happens, before the man has his portrait unveiled. LOL, cookie
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    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    LOL... i am SOOO sorry... but I dont even know what ur screen name was then for one thing.. and u don't know B_R_E_T_T??? B_R_E_T_T was on the board back in 1999 and 2000...I met, AJ, Tim, B_R_E_T_T, Joe, Gee, FloJak, Explozive...what was ur screen name... ? Please dont say Explozive... LOL... My badd I didnt give u props.. join in with the Podcast, please... xo, cookie
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    Watch Mandela Birthday Concert Online!

    dang. it wasnt working for me either.. but im too lazy to even bother with it now. lol enjoy dinner Sandy... xo, cookie
  9. 3cookies

    Dinner In Honor of Mandela

    LOL @ Sandy. 99% of the times,. Will dresses really well, just i personally wasnt feeling that tie, or the outfit on him., tho it wasn't all that horrible, I feel bad now for even mentioning it.. lmbo. @ ALe... you post some incredible clips.. thanx, tho I cant see some of them on my computer.. i appreciate you. lol xo, cookie
  10. 3cookies

    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    WHAT SilverTiger? Was it you? lol. my bad... but, I dont know a single other fan on this site that talked about Kel Spencer more than AJ!!.. then Tim, and another fan thats not here name B_R_E_T_T from Australia... but if you know something tht I dont know.. then fill us in. please gud siR.. LOL. xo, cookie
  11. 3cookies

    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    LOL.... u know what Chief??? u are just stupid and NASTY boii.. :stickpoke: lmbo ~ cookie
  12. 3cookies

    Will Smith has found the magic formula

    oh man .. i really enjoyed reading this article... and more importantly, Ive been visiting so many churches in Los Angeles, Granada Hills..North Hollywood... and now, I see the 'Water In the Valley" Church that is literally right down the street from me, 10 - 11 milies... an intimate, non denominational/christian church... whoo hoo. This must be my lucky day... I'll be there Sunday Morning.. I know that really had nothing to do with the article.. im sorry guys... I've been on a mission for a church home, and I already look up to Will, so I really am looking forward to visiting this church that he co~founded... :gettinjiggywitit: :2thumbs: :yeah: :yeah: lol xo, cookie
  13. 3cookies

    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    k. KeL mentioned us detailing why we gave it to him, and... I was thinking basically,we can do it the same way Ian Burke did with Left Eye's portrait, tho not LIVE but via audio/podcast. He talked about her contributions to the muzik industry, and more personal experiences as friends, losing her.. e tc. it was very tear jerking... It doesn't have to be the same, but just something related to his work with Will .. the projects hes done.. & being on Jeff's album.. working with Brakes.. he can mention that himself.. (good publicity for Brakes too) ... and then Tim or AJ are the responsible fans who turned most of us on to Kel Spencer's working with Will WAAAY back in the day.. years ago before all the buzz n hype hes getting now... That will be sooo interesting for people to hear in how he became such a huge image in the JJFP community over these years. His local fanbase/audience should be made aware just how well respected he is WORLDWIDE among Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff's fans... and support him in his endeavors...and not just jumpin on a bandwagon. i would like to do the podcast too. .tho i dont have skype... or a computre mic.. i have a studio mic tho. lol what u guys think bout that ??? xo, cookie
  14. 3cookies

    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    LMAO@ Luigie... boiiiil.... u something else... u gone be up 4 urs soon big bRo !!! gone and jump on those poses. LOL *muah* xo, cookie
  15. 3cookies

    The Kel Spencer Portrait

    Yea Luigie.. I sure can... as long as ur not nekked with things swinging in the wind. LOL Thx guys for that "sweet" talk. LOL.. @ Brakes.. .yes he has it.. I actually just got off the phone with Him. LOL but u do know,... that altho KeL has the pic, he STILL hasn't seen the FINAL production? He knows its from alla the fans here at JJFP.com, and waiting (patiently) to see it as a finished product. It's still packaged up, and will be UNVEILED at one of his upcoming shows. and... actually. He "humbly" requested a video or audio presentation from all of us so that he can play as it's being unveiled since we won't be there. I mentioned it to a few fans., but nothing ever came of it... awwww. I feel soo bad. Did we decide on anything or not? I think we should let him know if we'll do it or not.. His show's coming up fast.. I rushed it and was a bit worried, but I'm very happy that u guys approve of it, since its your gift,... KS loves it too, so I'm alright now.. :) i just gotta FINISH this huge half done pic of Will's ... thats been staring at me for a looong tyme. LOL xo, cookie
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    awww... We accept ur apology KeL and see how hard ur hustliN & makiN moves while u on ur grind. We respect u 4 that... even moreso, for interacting with JJ&FP fans worldwide.. You're a huge part of our fam and we embrace u like w do each other... except me. (U do know i like to rub muscles.? lmbo J/K... um. ) :paperbag: Congrats on all that you've accomplished thusfar,.. we look 4ward to seeing u moving upward with ur talent(s). Hope to see more of ur cute face around here.. xo, cookie
  17. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Teenage Love Affair ~ ALicia Keys... love this joint.. xo, cookie
  18. I just notice that its ur birthday, and im sorry 4 being late.. havent seen u onboard inawhile... I hope all is well with u..and life is treating u fantabulous...!!! Have a good birthday today and many many more to come.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!! :birthday: :doh: :birthday: xo, cookies
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    BET Awards winners!

    LMBO @ The Definiton & LUigie!!! Yall are just cuuRaaazy! LOL... ~ cookie
  20. 3cookies

    Dinner In Honor of Mandela

    LOL.... yea Ms Ashley.. Will was wearin the most UGLY tie, that didn't even match his outfit that look too tight on his thighs, and the jacket sleeves even looked abit short. I was paying his clothes so much attention that day.. and im sure u wil agree... Jada did not dress him that day, and if she did.. she must have been mad.. cuz it was NOT working! :paperbag: LOL... maybe it was just me.. some of the guys may have digg the way he dressed on NBC... for the first time EVER... i didnt tho.. I also didnt notice if he looked tired or not.. his usual high energy seem to be there to me... gotta love my WS... xo, cookie
  21. 3cookies

    Musiq - "Radio"

    i wasnt really feeling that at ALL.... sorry.. xo, cookie edited: i 4got to say... no offense to those that digg it tho...
  22. 3cookies

    Dinner In Honor of Mandela

    Thx Ms Ashley.. they look sooo nice 2gether.. i love the way they dressed here.... and I got my eyes on Will's ties from now on, after seeing him in that mess ... on the today show Monday... LOL.... so cute together... gotta love it.. xo, cookie
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    Happy Birthday WildCHILD!

    LMBO! u so silly.... It aint like he has a bunch of gifts to unwrap... xo, cookie
  24. 3cookies

    Clean But Still Street Review

    LMBO!!! CHIEF.. ur way past stupid.!!! :lolsign: :haha: xo, cookie
  25. 3cookies

    BET Awards winners!

    Im with you top dawg.... I was not too happy to hear Kobe's name called out. oh.. did u mention something about ALicia Keys being pretty? LOL watch OUT now... ur engaged 2 be married, tho it doesnt mean u cant look. lol xo, cookie