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  1. I also saw that BNF performance and wanted to download it but it was gone real quick. I don't understand why Will or his people are so secretive about these things. Isn't some of his people JL and Omar too? I just dont get it. I couldn't give two craps about Will's movies but when it comes to music please give me as much as possible! Lol
  2. First of all - this was dope! It's great to hear a straight-up rap track from Will. From Da South is fantastic and I'd never would've thought he'd ever do that live or in-studio. They must've shot so much footage that I hope it gets released. Clearly they did Brand New Funk so I hope they release that too. It looks like it could be part of some documentary or something. Fingers crossed!
  3. DevilsJim89


    I was actually there. There was so many people - it was insane!
  4. If I'm not mistaken, one of these, if not both are on Spotify.
  5. Friend Like Me Prince Ali Don't Be Afraid to Be Different and what is the 4th one?
  6. I'm loving this feature. It's great to hear Will have some flow and talk some ish. I'm hoping for more. I don't wanna hear the same crap about cursing, how he's working with crappy younger artists...just stop already. Either enjoy it or don't. It's 2019, not 1989. Gotta get with the times. If you like something great, enjoy it but don't constantly remind us in every post about how KRS-One, Hammer, Kool G Rap, Biggie are just way far superior. They all made some wack records too.
  7. Looks like he's doing two songs for the soundtrack - Friend Like Me and Prince Ali. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6139732/soundtrack
  8. DevilsJim89

    'Drink Champs' - DJ Jazzy Jeff (Full Episode)

    I really enjoyed it but my only gripe with Nore is that he just doesn't shut up sometimes and let his guests answer lol. I love his energy and he asks great questions but he just needs to chill a little bit!
  9. Is he ever going to open a show/have a show/drop a song in the US? C'mon Will..
  10. Oh my god....this is unbelievable!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. 30 years later the video finally surfaces on Halloween! The video is super cool. Obviously it could be in better condition but it's done really really well.
  11. The track is cool but I just want some hip-hop. I just want some verses!
  12. DevilsJim89

    Will Smith Announces New Book

    I really hope he finally talks about record labels and inside the music, making of the album, stories from going on tour, stories from the studio...etc.
  13. Can we please move on from the whole cursing subject? It's really not even an issue for me. Just let it go. He's not changing who he is lyrically by cursing. I understand where he's coming from. He discussed some interesting subjects. Especially about He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. However, Will has a tendency whether its on purpose or not, to totally avoid the question and talk about something so off-base. He was asked about a roadmap for a new album and what's next - and he started talking about Kanye and the Medici family and people around their structure and blah blah blah ...like just give us some insight! Obviously, music is super personal to him and he's a little timid still about people liking his music.
  14. I absolutely love this. I can listen to Jeff talk and tell stories all day long. I'm glad this interviewer is asking solid, thought-provoking questions instead of the basic surface questions Jeff always gets.
  15. Full song here: https://jarahit.com/america-song/nicky-jam-will-smith-era-istrefi-live-it-up-audio/