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  1. DevilsJim89 added a post in a topic: Lost & Found 10 Year Anniversary Thread   

    Exactly. Also the absence of new music defeats the entire premise of Lost & Found. He said the rapper was lost to the actor and he never fully reached his potential as a rapper. As good as the album was, you can't just say that and not drop anything new after that. 
    It just bums me out. 
  2. DevilsJim89 added a post in a topic: Will on new Kanye Album "So Help Me God"   

    I think that's fake. Remember we went through this 2 years ago when Yeezus was about to be released. 
  3. DevilsJim89 added a post in a topic: Lost & Found 10 Year Anniversary Thread   

    I've actually been listening to the album on repeat the last week or so. It's crazy how it's been 10 years since this album came out. Who would've thought 10 years later, we'd still be waiting for a follow-up album. It's just so disheartening when I think about that fact. 
    Ok back to the album. My favorite track is definitely Party Starter. This hasn't changed since I first heard the album. It sucks how long Interscope waited to release a second single. I remember it felt like all-eternity while Switch soared and remained at the top of the charts. If I remember correctly, Party Starter had a short run on the charts and I used to hear it on the radio too. Tell Me Why should've definitely been the second single as planned. What was the reason again? It was "too political" or something? That's just BS to me. 
    I'm not going to do a track-by-track review but I'd give this album a 8/10. The core of the album is definitely Ms.Holy Roller, Tell Me Why, Lost & Found, I Wish I Made That/Swagga...those 4 songs are rock solid in-terms of lyrics and substance. A few songs like Scary Story and Chosen One (great lyrics - horrible beat), Switch (Reggae Remix) bring the album down in my opinion. I also wish some of the tracks were longer. Songs like Here He Comes, I Wish I Made That/Swagga (2 songs in 1 - wish it was 2 full length songs) are great but just too short. I feel like some of Will's best tracks are entirely short songs. Willenium for exampe had the Interlude on the song Potnas...that beat was incredible but why just a minute long? Born to Reign the title track was under 2 minutes...come on Will! I also wish Will's second verse on Pump Ya Brakes was a lot better. He could've done much more with it. Too much "boy this, girl that.." in my opinion.
    However, my biggest disappointment is the lack of Jazzy. I wish he had done production work for more than one track. 
    Overall, this was a good album and it was a strong comeback album for Will. 
  4. DevilsJim89 added a post in a topic: NEW 2PAC MUSIC FROM THE VAULTS HEADED FOR RELEASE   

    Looking forward to this. As long as they keep everything as original as possible, I'm on board. Maybe we can finally hear some of the material he did with MC Hammer such as that song 'Too Late Playa'. 
    I just don't want another 2004 Loyal to the Game compilation. That was really, really bad. 
  5. DevilsJim89 added a post in a topic: PLAYLIST: THE VERY BEST OF DJ JAZZY JEFF + THE FRESH PRINCE   

    Yes AJ, the Brand New Funk Live version on CD is something that jumped out to me. That's a nice little surprise. Honestly though, I just think the whole project is sort of cheap. While it's great to have new remastered stuff, it's sort of pointless given all of the other compilations. The artwork alone just turns me off. It just seems like there wasn't any effort put into this. 
  6. DevilsJim89 added a post in a topic: Vinyl Destination - General Thread   

    Great episode to kick off the new season!