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  1. Get Lit

    It's just not a good look and rubs me the wrong way. I could go on a rant but I'll leave it as this. Stop prostituting music Will. If you say you really love it, then show it! Drop a track with bars, spark my interest again, show me you care about music and your fans.
  2. Get Lit

    Ugh. He really didn't have any time to just sit down and write a song? It's not even that good and the fact he didn't write it, makes it even worse in my opinion.
  3. Remember when Overbrook Entertainment was also supposed to be for music too? Yeah - kinda reflects Will's career. lol
  4. Get Lit

    Hey man - I agree with all that you said. I don't mind Get Lit as I do enjoy house and some EDM but he's not giving us what we want. We want BARS! Will needs to actually SPIT BARS. Once that happens, he'll get more attention online. I don't care if he wants to experiment, you have to as an artist. Caution in the WIld could've been so much better if it was a full song and if he didn't repeat the same 4 lines or so in both "verses". The Fiesta remix video was pretty dope - imagine if those visuals were used for a proper rap comeback song. I've been saying it for years that he's super secretive and insecure about his music...but says one thing and then says something else. He drops L+F saying how much he loves music and then never drops another single or album. In the music industry, if you don't have some recent, it's out of sight, out of mind and in Will's case - 12 years?! Completely out of mind. There's a whole generation of people who didn't know he was a rapper before the movies. Another example - back in 2005, he said he was going to do stuff online. Where's the website? He doesn't even have a legit website. How about a soundcloud? He's so out of touch. I don't think he's cared much either about his music career and truth be told - it shows. One more example in 2015 - "Oh yeah Jeff and I are going to do a proper world tour because we've never done it and its going to be in 2016." ....We got 2 shows in 2016. Not exactly a tour. I get he's the biggest movie star on the planet but give me a break - he doesn't have to make movies another day in his life. If you really wanted to do music - you do it. Don't say we're going on tour and then go sign on for another 2 movies....seriously. This is where my frustration sets in. If he wants to be taken seriously again regarding music, he needs to drop bars. Plain and simple. You don't need to sell records anymore - just do it for the love and people will respond.
  5. Great interview with Jeff

    I'd love to hear more about this. It is such an interesting topic and time for JJ+FP. It looks like any royalties from the newly remastered He's the DJ album won't go to Will and Jeff. That's super sad. It probably explains why there hasn't been anything JJFP music related released directly from them. It was always Jive riding the backs of Will's solo albums in which they would release JJFP compilation albums. I wonder why Will hasn't bought their catalog back.
  6. Do you have a link to that specific forum post? I'd like to read some of that convo. My copy came on Monday and I've been listening to it since. It really is a great purchase and it sounds really good. It's nice to get those super rare Brand New Funk remixes. I've always enjoyed the extended remix a lot better than the original. One thing that is cool is track 10 on the 1st CD. "Another Special Announcement" - it's the intro to "Too Damn Hype" with Will and Jeff and others just kicking it. I've never heard it before. It would've been nice to have the entire Live @ Union Square performance rather than some versions of Parents and Nightmare because there really isn't much difference between versions of these tracks. I hope this is the start of more remasters to come.
  7. Happy B Day Will!

    Any chance you could upload that? Could you provide more information about it?
  8. brakes - is it too late :(
  9. Also - are they preshrunk? For example - if I order a Medium, is it going to shrink to a Small ?
  10. Awesome! I will def be placing an order this weekend as well. I'm glad the t-shirts are fitted - the baggy look just doesn't look good at all. It's so 15 years ago
  11. This is so awesome. Back when MTV was relevant.
  12. Wow..the interview for this same episode has been on YouTube for about a year now I think. Interesting how they performed the street remix. I wonder why they did that. I'm not crazy about the street remix. It's okay but I think the original version is better. The original version should've had more scratches on it like when they did it live this past weekend.
  13. Please! It's always out of left field that there's some compilation album done. I wish there was some unreleased tracks though. It's very lackluster if it's just the albums themselves.
  14. Awesome! I can't believe they haven't thought about that design before. I wonder who designed the logo. I'm with Tim, a black shirt with a large logo is good enough for me. Just like the iconic Run DMC logo and shirts!