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  1. Boom! Shake The Room 95 (Rare)

    Wow...I've never heard this version before! It's def. very 90s lol It's pretty interesting the additional vocals. I wonder if they came from somewhere else originally.
  2. Was the Fiesta Remix a flop?

    Totally agree 100 percent. I just don't think Will gets it at all. There was an interview posted a few months back how Jeff said Will is a little behind the times. He had the Clique freestyle and Jeff told him to drop it on Soundcloud and he just sat on it and did nothing and the "comeback" became out of sight and out of mind. It's not complicated. Anyone can drop something on Soundcloud and so many artists do it! Come on already Will.
  3. Old/Rare WS Vids

    That Sydney premiere is the one Tim went too!!
  4. Vinyl Destination Tour - April & May

    Thanks for touching base with us Nicole! Looking forward to that "M3" project and especially JJFP hitting the stage sometime this year! woohoo!
  5. Why wasn't Jeff on the show? Wish they talked about the album more.
  6. Oh man that's disappointing. Come on Will, take a break from the movies already.
  7. 'Dancin' On Air' - JJFP

    Nice find. Would've been sooo much better if it wasn't lip sync'd.
  8. Will plays the lyric game and sings 'Boom!'

    The US sucks with I often hear Boom! in sports arenas. I've also heard it on the radio a few times here and there. I don't think it's as huge here though. Wasn't the record Top 10 here? I don't consider that it bombed here. lol
  9. Wow Will...way to throw Jeff under the bus LOL Always nice to hear him mention anything from Code Red
  10. Yeah wow....I don't even know what to say. I don't want to be quick to get angry here but would it really kill Will to put the movies on hold? I just don't get the problem here.
  11. No new JJFP tracks

    I don't think it's a safe bet to completely rule out no new JJFP tracks. They can record literally anywhere. I'm sure they can work something out!
  12. Jeff's Birthday

    It'd be hard to top the video package we did a couple years ago
  13. I just watched this again and did anyone notice Eminem sitting a couple seats away from Will giving him a congrats? Never noticed that before!
  14. Concussion Box Office

    This is spot on. I don't think it's all that bad either. The movie just didn't have the widespread appeal as his other movies did.He's been anestablished movie star for the last 20 years. He doesn't need to make another movie again. He'll bounce back.