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  1. brakes - is it too late :(
  2. Also - are they preshrunk? For example - if I order a Medium, is it going to shrink to a Small ?
  3. Awesome! I will def be placing an order this weekend as well. I'm glad the t-shirts are fitted - the baggy look just doesn't look good at all. It's so 15 years ago
  4. This is so awesome. Back when MTV was relevant.
  5. Wow..the interview for this same episode has been on YouTube for about a year now I think. Interesting how they performed the street remix. I wonder why they did that. I'm not crazy about the street remix. It's okay but I think the original version is better. The original version should've had more scratches on it like when they did it live this past weekend.
  6. Please! It's always out of left field that there's some compilation album done. I wish there was some unreleased tracks though. It's very lackluster if it's just the albums themselves.
  7. Awesome! I can't believe they haven't thought about that design before. I wonder who designed the logo. I'm with Tim, a black shirt with a large logo is good enough for me. Just like the iconic Run DMC logo and shirts!
  8. I'm so glad all of you guys got to experience this. Brakes - you're shirt is so dope! I love it! I wish they would rock the logo more.
  9. Get Lit

    I love this new track. I can't wait to hear the actual recording of the track. I wonder if this is something he did with Calvin Harris awhile back or if Jeff produced it. This is an instant hit and it def should get released. For what it's worth, there's articles online saying it's JJFP's first track in almost 20 years!
  10. Julie - great recap! I felt like I was there with you guys! The highlights of both shows are incredible. Boom! Shake the Room was KILLER! It makes me love the song even more. The fire, the energy, everything was incredible and brought the audience in. If they have more shows in North America, I hope they use that same opener. That's such a banger of a track and the live version doesn't sound dated. It sounds incredible. They really differentiate themselves from other rap artists because of their live show and chemistry. The live band really added so much. I wish they performed for more than an hour but the setlist was great and the videos and photos are spectacular. I'm loving the new song Get Lit and I hope it properly gets released. Did any of you guys get to chat to Will about releasing music? Anyone get any albums signed?
  11. Here's the encore video!! And.......a new song!!!
  12. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    I can't wait for this! I love hearing the old records that haven't been talked about or performed. Boom! Shake the Room will be cool to see on here and then live!!
  13. I really hope Cris films both concerts in their entirety. Maybe Nicole can verify this?? I hope there's more shows in the works. It's going to be great to hear Boom! Shake the Room live for the first time in over 20 years. There's definitely going to be some curveballs and I can't wait for it!!
  14. life of the forum

    I like the new look of the forum. It's more streamlined and looks great. Nice job Tim! Ted has great point about Will and his lack of online presence. Didn't Will discuss doing something online a few years ago? He has no direct connection with his fans other than his FB page. He is really behind the times and out of touch when it comes to that, unfortunately. He could easily have a soundcloud!