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  1. Javi

    Did Time just stop ?

  2. Javi

    a problem

    i can't see it!!!how much i 've to wait.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :bang: anyway thanx devils
  3. Javi

    a problem

    i've entry on singingfool.com to see jjfp videos and when a click on the video that iwant to see:"please wait for the advertisement to finish"......what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bang: can anybody help me?????
  4. Javi

    Switch Remix Video

  5. Javi

    Does anyone know about concerts?

    have anyone see FP on stage in a big concert or in a tour perfomance?????how is it?????how is Fp in these perfomances?????
  6. well,i think kanye west it's the best rapper/producer at this moment,and i think it's wonderful he had colaborated on will's album.have you heard the track:"selfish"feat slum village????ohhhhh it's dope,nice musically,nice chorus,nice lyrics,it's more an r&b track that a rap track. i fell in love with that song.hahahaha :roll:
  7. Javi

    gettin jiggy sample

    i know that it's from sister sledge song,but what song??????
  8. i hate this rappers so much!!!!!! :bang: ,they don't know about nothing,and will knows what's going on on black society,but he don't want to put it on his tracks. i don't know why nigazz continue to diss JJFP.but i have a verse for MC REN: I was in the game before publishing was an issue Your platinum now, but next year I'm gonna miss you Mad rappers like bad actors should have no parts Wanna be mad check the charts Any of em Oh don't see my name You don't see my spot Heres a hint Look closer to the top
  9. Javi


    ok sorry
  10. Javi

    Da Brakes JJFP Video

    Will still knows how rock the crowd,it's dope,maybe others rappers have more skill on rapping live,freestyling(i want to hear will freestyling!)but most of these cats don't know how to move a crowd like a old school MC
  11. Javi


    oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. Javi


    where is will smith with shaq peter gunz performance here in the forum????????????????????i read it in main page
  13. Javi

    Question from a nooby corner

    i don't find on msn page will's today show performance!!!!!!what i have to do???????
  14. Javi

    Hitch Review

    the trailer is so funny!!!!
  15. Javi

    JJ+FP B-Sides

    have anyone heard dance or die?????or family christmas??????