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  1. dparrott

    Running Man

    Hello fellow old school fan! How about "U Can't Touch This"?
  2. dparrott

    Too Damn Hype Tour Jacket on Ebay.

    Do we know it's even legit? Anyone can make a jacket and *claim* it's original and they were a dancer.
  3. dparrott

    Too Damn Hype Tour Jacket on Ebay.

    Looks pretty unbelievable to me. I don't trust it.
  4. dparrott

    A New Puzzle! Solve for News

    If this is as simple as he says it is, we're all gonna look like idiots when the answer's revealed. :lol:
  5. dparrott

    jjfp, ready rock & other old school artists

    awwww yea...no school like the old school! :jazzy: :word:
  6. dparrott

    A New Puzzle! Solve for News

    Their first grammy was in 1988 for "Parents".
  7. ...And In This Corner, Homebase, and Code Red. PLUS "Big Willie Style" CD. All four for 99 cents. All original releases. Cases, tapes and inserts are in good to near mint condition, CD is in near mint condition. http://cgi.ebay.com/Jazzy-Jeff-Fresh-Princ...1QQcmdZViewItem And before y'all jump on me for selling them, I don't listen to tapes anymore.
  8. dparrott

    JJ+FP 3 cassette albums for sale

    I disagree with you there, I've sold other rap tapes for $3-4 each, and I just sold two tapes of a punk band for $26. And I have the original cassettes of RTH and DJ...Rapper, those I def will keep!
  9. dparrott

    A New Puzzle! Solve for News

    Only on that butchered CD version! :damnlorettas: The vinyl/cassette has 18.
  10. dparrott

    FP & LL Cool J

    :metoo: LL + a great DJ would give songs a good old school feel. JJLL man! :2thumbs:
  11. Forgive me for being out of touch here, but what is this song and where is it from? I never heard of it until I got on here.
  12. dparrott

    New Kidz On The Block?

    Yea it is, I found it on the forum by searching "new kids" not with a z. Found a lot of b-sides I slept on too. :shakehead:
  13. dparrott

    New Kidz On The Block?

    :rofl: I know that, unfortunately. I meant the song.
  14. dparrott

    Brand New Funk

    Can someone please repost the avi link? Thanks.
  15. dparrott

    Can I make some T Shirts

    How about a "He's The DJ I'm The Rapper" shirt with Prince on the front and Jeff on the back? :word:
  16. dparrott

    Your all-time favorite JJFP song

    One song...that's tough. I can narrow it down to a few: Rock The House, Nightmare (original/extended version), Parents, Another Special Announcement, As We Go, I Wanna Rock, Summertime. I like those songs for different reasons, so it's hard to choose. :wiggle: <-- Dumb Dancin'
  17. 99 cents. Near mint condition. Shipping is $2. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  18. dparrott

    Big Willie Style CD for sale

    Good point. Rookie mistake. :shakehead:
  19. dparrott

    Big Willie Style CD for sale

    Well, it was worth a try. :shrug:
  20. dparrott

    Big Willie Style CD for sale

    It's just not my style, sorry. I thought someone on here might want it. And there's people on ebay trying to sell it for one cent, but with high shipping costs. At least dollars can add up over time.
  21. I got the cassettes of "...DJ...Rapper" (THE REAL VERSION!) and Rock The House (also original version) in 1988 and followed them until Will went solo. "...DJ...Rapper" is still my favorite album by them.