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  3. I like a couple of tracks and don't like some others (bit too modern for me) Been listening to a lot of Busta lately though!
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  5. Wow, I can't believe we haven't stumbled upon this sooner. I love the new lyrics to fit the station.
  6. I must have missed a video were Tatyana said that. She knows something. I don't think she'd call anything other than music a project. Those recent merch deals have been them just letting some other company design stuff to sell. If anything, they are both experiencing the love from fans with the reunion special. With nostalgia and love being the fuel, that could easily spill over to their music, too. They both have had extra time on their hands this year.
  7. New shirts or sweaters? I'm not getting my hopes up for new music.
  8. Tatyana Ali said something very interesting on her Instagram post. She said ''I can't wait for their new project to be released'' - Wonder what this new project could be?
  9. Another one for the collection! https://youtu.be/gte8SSLEK8k
  10. This is really one of those articles that just has the writer sharing their opinion rather than sharing mostly facts. I'm curious about the opinions of others. Personally, I wouldn't want to see Will play Superman, but I'd totally be willing to let a screen test change my mind. I'm actually a big Superman fan and have been since I was old enough to understand anything. While not a perfectly film, I personally love Superman Returns. I never understood how it came out with positive reviews, love from fans, and success....then a few years later it turned to some people saying it was bori
  11. Man, what happened to this post? It used to be one of the most active ones. I loved being introduced and re-introduced to music. OMARION - Involved (2020)
  12. Who has gotten Busta Rhymes new album, Extinction Leven Event 2: The Wrath of God? I'll share more later, but I'm wondering if anyone else has been vibing with it.
  13. After 3 years, the trailer for this movie is finally here! https://ew.com/movies/life-in-a-year-trailer-cara-delevingne-mitja-okorn/
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/alfonso-ribeiro-talks-fresh-prince-reunion-and-the-slow-decline-of-sitcoms?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR2KJwH3tdyNl-o88S1MTJ3bsrI71droNtt0c5r5RzclfNgo2tw3qkd8hbs NOVEMBER 20, 2020 1:55pm PT by Mikey O'Connell Alfonso Ribeiro Talks 'Fresh Prince' Reunion and the Slow Decline of Sitcoms Courtesy of HBO Max "Since everybody wanted to be a movie star, they only worked on becoming movie stars — and then sucked when they did a TV sitcom," says the actor, who
  15. Will has shared how he was mistreated in that past. I don't think he's been revealing anything new, but he has gone deeper on a few topics. I think one of the things that made me identify with him early on is that he's grown out of certain circumstances that are similar to my own. If his marriage is health, great. If his marriage and his career are being influenced by pains from the past, such as considering his first divorce to be his greatest failure, it seems like it's time to reorganize his approach to some things.
  16. These are both dope and really frustrating. lol Musically, I love what he does with the songs, but he ruins it with how it chops up the vocals so that the lyrics don't make sense.
  17. Yes! I love that they tend to go right to "Brand New Funk" these days instead of "Summertime." "Summertime" is my favorite, but I never liked that it was always the go-to joint.
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  19. DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Fresh Prince and a Grammy boycott that set the tone for three more decades of rap — and culture https://theundefeated.com/features/dj-jazzy-jeff-the-fresh-prince-and-a-grammy-boycott-that-set-the-tone-for-three-more-decades-of-rap-and-culture/ ------------- It's an older article but it's still interesting. I knew about the boycott but it's always great to read more about it.
  20. Watching Will's latest red table which I found quite interesting - Will just doesn't seem like he loves himself - and is constantly seeking outside validation. If he did - maybe he would just end it - he talks of his past pain of his girlfriend cheating on him driving his will to succeed - so why put up with it now? And if he doesn't care about "success" he would be more liekly to drop an album and some music. As jeff and pauly yams once said - do it for the love of the game!
  21. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH5Tni-D7dN/
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