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So do you think LL's trying to knock out Jay-Z?


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This has the potential of being a disaster for LL. Aligning himself with 50 Cent is already a bad sign in my book. To say that Jay is only good at promoting himself is not really true because if it were then Jeezy & Rick Ross(BTW I don't like either of them) wouldn't have gold & platinum plaques on their wall. Jay is a rapper... who also happens to wear a suit now and he, like Puffy and other execs are concerned about the bottom line.

The deal with LL's album was that it was a bad album and Jay wasn't going to promote what he, and most people felt, was a bad album. Now to LL's defense, Jay didn't promote The Roots and that was a travesty in and of itself but it is a business.

I'd rather LL go at this, if he decides to do it, alone and without 50's help. Being involved with 50 lends no credibility to it. LL is an ill emcee and doesn't need the help of wack rappers to make a good album.

And for the record, I really like Kingdom Come. It's a mature sounding Jay without all the bling, cars, women, etc. I really don't get all the hate towards him. Yeah, he's made some bad decisions at DefJam but I still don't see why people want to hate on him now. Jay is an ill emcee as well and like Em you really can't knock his skills and flow as an emcee.

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"Todd Smith" was a mature rap album too, if people consider that weak then I guess they want him to be an angry battle rapper again right? btw, "Todd Smith did go gold in the US, not 'cause of Jay-Z but 'cause he did his own tour for the album, he went out there and did what he needed to do... Listen to powerful songs like "Best Dress", "Down The Aisle", and "We're Gonna Make It" and tell me that LL's album didn't have substance to it, how is that wack? People need to make their damn mind up, they want mature music but they call it soft, then they complain when all a rapper does is make diss songs, what the **** do people want for real? Like I said earlier, call LL a sellout for working with 50 Cent then I'm sure Jay-Z a sellout for signing Rick Ross right, ain't Rick Ross and 50 Cent both rappers with no substance?

Btw like I said neither LL and Jay-Z deserve to be hyped for their recent albums, Ice Cube's album should be the one going multi platinum 'cause that was the album of the year in my view, both LL and Jay-Z need to step it up for real, looking at it from a non bias view, sure both of their recent albums have substance but they weren't lyrically as strong as they're capable of, maybe the battle will force them to step it up, maybe being rich made them relax writing the real strong lyrics that make them greats, they seem to go on cruise control like they ain't that motivated for rapping since they have so many other things they do, it's like they're only scoring 20 points a game instead of 30, maybe they're both slowing down like Jordan on the Wizards, and only promoting rappers like Young Jeezy and Rick Ross proves my point that Jay-Z'll only flood the radio with garbage rappers so he could protect his legacy right? People that only listen will think that Jay-Z the only quality rapper out there, that's why people were so hyped for his album, thinking he's saving hip-hop but he's not, it don't need to be saved, there's great music out there, promote it, stop acting like the only rapper that matters...

Def Jam is known for promoting quality hip-hop, Jay-Z' ****ing it up, making it turn into a mother****ing watered down pop label, I want that real hip-hop on the radio again, he ain't no different at dogging artists like Puffy, he should receive as much criticism as Puffy does, he needs to do a better job balancing his career and the other careers on there too, if an arist puts in hard work they deserve to be promoted...

Hell even that Puffy album might be better than both LL and Jay-Z' recent efforts, it's a mature album with great lyrics, maybe they need ghostwriters if they can't write strong lyrics anymore, I'm available, lol.... Somebody that cares about quality music being popular needs to take over Def Jam, Jay-Z sucks at that, who knows though maybe after LL doing such a positive rap album seeing him come back all angry might make him receive flack like what happened to Hammer when he actually worried too much about criticism and starting dissing Tribe Called Quest after he used to ignore them dissing him, maybe he should take a couple years off from the rap game and do other things that's he's doing like movies and shows on TV and take his time and take a breather before putting out another record, the more I think about it I actually realise that working with 50/battling Jay-Z probably ain't the smartest thing to do, he has a lot going for himself already, he has to realise that he's a smooth brother and he always gonna get some sort of hate for attracting women since some brothers can't get none, he don't need to be all hard, Jay-Z could probably just nail him for trying to acting hardcore like Mase did after doing so much positive rap, the best thing for LL would be just to spend more time and put more thoughts into making better music before putting out another album, do powerful songs, just make stronger quality to the level that everyone loves him for, I could understand why it'd be hard for FP to too just go after Eminem all hard and cuss him out 'cause if he did that he'd probably ruin his image, LL got an image at stake, he's built himself up to be a positive role model but he can't throw himself away like this, maybe he should talk to Hammer, let's just hope all of this dies down and it's found to be a silly rumor, and if he's gonna work with 50, he should be showing 50 a better way beyond beef I guess.... LL and Jay-Z should just go into the office and talk things out, but I guess if this **** with Jay-Z and the flack for being soft makes him put out a great record I probably won't really give a damn what he sells, bring on another "G.O.A.T." record, I just want LL to be motivated to do another classic bottomline...

I think I'm done venting on this topic and more than likely the hype's gonna die down, cooler heads will prevail, at the end of the day both got ego problems sometimes which could be expected since they've been in the spotlight for more than a minute I say and they're both talented, they could probably motivate each other better working with each other in the studio doing powerful raps, it'd probably be better for LL to rap on the remix of "Black Republican" with Jay and Nas instead of working on a battle rap album with 50, the best might be for LL to leave Def Jam if he can't get along with Jay-Z in the longrun, he might need a fresh start, G-Unit wouldn't fit, at this point he should just promote the music himself like Ice Cube does and just do the real music for the fans that he has, maybe sitting down with Jay-Z and talking to him how Def Jam was before might motivate Jigga to work harder as president of Def Jam to protect that legacy and maybe LL might want to stay after all and they might work it out, that's what'd be the best,maybe all of these statements LL made might be a wakeup call for Jay-Z...

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i was noticing how this topic was searched so i figured i'd look at it, damn those 5 years went by quick, time has changed but more things have remained the same, I stand behind 100% what I said back then, Jay-Z still putting out weak commercial music and promotes himself more than others, I'm glad 50 didn't have much influence on LL's "Exit 13" since it turned out to be one of the last great albums over the last few years, Game's doing his thing right now though with his new album but most albums these days suck on a commercial level, I still think that song LL made on "Dear Hip Hop" from the "Exit 13" has a line that describes how Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil' Wayne, etc. "If so he's hot then why is the culture frozen?", they might top the charts but they're the reason why commercial hip hop is dead word to Nas, bottomline to end all this wackness once and for all LL, FP, Ice-T, KRS, etc. need to team up and make a "Mama Said Knock Out 2011" dedicated to all the commercial clowns, even Game could get on the track to say some lines about Jay-Z since they got beef too, lol

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yeah i'm looking forward to some music beef, ll cool j, ice-t, mc hammer, and kool moe dee all dissed each other back in the '80s and put out classics

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I dont want silly video posts on youtube without music, I dont want magazine interviews, I dont want whack accusations, I want a music beef where they back their talking with their lyrics.

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