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Will Smith Podcast: Episode 14


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the latest podcast is now online..

download it now http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/multim...dcast_ep014.mp3

If you have itunes Subscribe now: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...st?id=107150112

or you can listen to the episode online here:


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If you've never downloaded a podcast before:

1. You don't need an iPod

2. You can download these programs to any computer and listen to them through any MP3-playing device.

3. All you need is an iTunes-like program installed your computer, which is a free download

The Will Smith Podcast is also entirely free.

Subscribers can expect a new podcast regularly. Every month or so http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com creates a will smith podcast - really a radio show - that includes exclusive rare live performances, the latest news, and discussions on all things will smith and jazzy jeff. The show features regular appearances from will smith fans from all over the world. Fans from the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Peru to name a few.

This is the direct link to subscribe

and will work from a Mac OR a PC as long as you have an iTunes-like MP3 program installed:


If you don't have iTunes software installed, go to


to download the latest version now for free.

If you have never podcasted before, you might want to check out your iTunes application (MAC or PC) and click on the "Podcasts" button.

Under "advanced" select "subscribe to podcast"

then paste this link in the field:


If your browser is set up for rss feeds

you should be able to simply click on this link to play the mp3 file through your browser or default rss reader:


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Thanks, I'm gonna check it out later

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