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Will's Premiere record has been broken

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that must have been a very short film. Can't have been a feature lenght film cuz then just watching it six times would make 12 hours, leaving no time to travel between the different premiers. And just be there to say "this is our movie, enjoy" and then leave, wouldn't really count as attending the premiere would it?

anyway, keep in mind this is just a fun fact, not some life and death record. i know hos defensive you all can be when it comes to Will. :drunk: love that smiley

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Well this'll give Will an exuse to do more movies :stickpoke:

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i dont think Will watched his movie 3 times. i think he just said "hi this is my movie" then snuck out the back lol.

hehe, yeah maybe thats true. i have to rent/buy hitch soon and watch the record video in the special features section. if im not misstaken theres some clips of him walking in to see the film after his hello speach, but maybe he, as you said, snuck out the back as soon as he got inside.

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