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Oddisee - Foot In the Door

Big Willie

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Oddisee - Foot In the Door

Mixed By Jazzy Jeff.... Due for release October 2nd 2006


1. Intro

2. Quest To Find

3. Big Bidness

4. Industry Ills

5. Such Is Life

6. Musik Lounge

7. Show You

8. Keep On

9. The Answer

10. Beats N' Rhymes

11. Four Seasons feat. Olivier Daysoul

12. Brother

13. Mics, Glamour, Action

14. Nitefall

15. Real Music

16. I Am Not Him

17. Nothing Sweet

18. Just Want You To Know

19. Part Of The World

20. Posed 2 Be

21. Butcher's Back

22. Thinking Out Loud

23. Head High

24. Long Time Coming

25. Price To Pay feat. Asheru, Kenn Starr & Darien Brockington

26. Boogie ft. J-Live & Asheru

27. Propa ft. Tranqill & Olivier Daysoul

28. Gentrification

29. Gully feat. XO & YU

30. Radio Talk feat. Sin & Trek Life

31. Cars and Jewlery feat. Olivier Daysoul

32. Let It Slide ft. Unknown

33. In Check ft. Kenn Starr & Supastition

34. Once Again ft. Kev Brown & Freddie Foxxx

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