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2006/2007 Football (Soccer) Season


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Hey all, thought i'd open this topic as i thought the World Cup one went down well a few months back.

A place to chat about the world game.

Starting with the English Prem. I'd like Man Utd to win this year just so Chelsea's dominance does not continue. I'm gutted they lost to Arsenal at the weekend. Making Tottenham's start look even worse, we can't seem to bag a goal. Full Props to Harry Redknapp and Portsmouth. They made some good experienced signings and its paying off so far.

In the Spanish league Real Madrid have once again started inconsistantly but Van Nistelrooy has shown to be a good purchase, dunno why Utd got rid of him in the first place. Too many behind the scenes stuff going on in football. Beckham on the verge of an England recall due to injuries to Lennon and Hargreaves? I still rate the guy but think that its not worth bringing him back just to fill a void then drop him again, Just give Pennant or S.W.Phillips a run out.

I won't even go into talking bout the Italian league as its blatantly lost a big reputation after what has happened over the summer.

Lets get some thoughts down.

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Well i occassionally see Southend play coz they're my local team, haven't seen them since they've been in the Championship tho.

But my big team is West Ham (coz of the boyfriend, lol, he's a HUGE Hammers fan) and they're not doing too well at the mo, a bit dissappointing considering they did quite well last season and were in the FA cup final. Oh well, fingers crossed they start winning some games soon!

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Anyone UK peeps wanna go to the Spurs Vs Liverpool game this Saturday, i have a sapre ticket.

Not overly optimistic here but i'm running out of ideas to get rid of it.

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England should have kept Svennis.

So we lose 1 game and all of a sudden we need the old manager back?

Although yes, the formation was terrible, we didnt play well period. What if we played 4-4-2? Would we have played any better? No-one will ever know that. It was a terrible decision to name that formation, ok, we move on from that and learn from the experience. Thats something Sven never did.

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