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Peedie Crack to join The Roots?


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Peedi Peedi To Join The Roots.

By: Kevin Jackson

In a recent interview with The Hook, Roots drummer, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, indicated that the band might be taking on a new member in the form of Philadelphia MC, Peedi Peedi.

“I think we’re gonna give that ‘fifth beatle’ position to Peedi. He accepted the offer, so we just have to see if we can finance it, and fit it in our structure so that he’s basically a Root for about a year.”

Peedi, who is a protege of former Roots collaborator, Beenie Sigel, makes a guest appearance on “Long Time,” off of The Roots’ highly anticipated new album, Game Theory.

Said Questlove, “The chemistry that him and Tariq (Black Thought) had, was really just some **** I couldn’t ignore.”

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I think the real ?uestion here is "why?." I just picked up the new ROots album 2nite (and i'm listening 2 it right now). Like DMX's new album, i love half the trax and the other half leave me wanting more...mostly becuz of the musical direction. I don't really have a negative opinion on Peedie since i don't know anything about him...but the track featuring Peedi is one of the weakest songs they've ever done. I don't see why they'd add anyone 2 the group...there's no reason 2.

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Ain't Peedie Crack one of them Roc-A-Fella rappers? I don't know if this was the right move to make but you never know I guess, btw I still gotta get the Roots album, hopefully it's much better than the last couple...

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Just knowing he waz affiliated with Beenie Siegal would turn me off 2 him. I've only heard his stuff on the new Roots album. He seems okay, but that's no reason 2 have him join the group.

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