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Amiga Computer!!!


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Hi JJFP fans!

Do you remember the amiga computer?? One of the most lovely computer machines in the world!!
I've got 2 of them...
Here's my config

Model: A1200
CPU: PPC 603e 175MHz (what do you say for MHz? i don't know :dunno: )
CoCPU: 68040 25MHz
Graphiccard: BVision (Permidia 2 3D chip)
FastRam: 96 MB
ChipRam: 2 MB
GraphxRam: 8MB
Harddisk: IBM 20GB, an 170MB old HD
CD Drives: DVD, CD
OperatingSYS: AmigaOS3.9 and MacOS (Emulation)
Misc: PCMCIA Networkcard, MAS hardware mp3 decoder
Software: AmigaAMP (WinAMP like), IBrowse (Internet Browser based on Netscape)
Games: nearly all classic games, napalm, earth 2140, quake1&2, Heretic 2
Shogo, WipeOut 2097 and many more :)

2nd Amiga:

Model: Amiga 1200
CPU: 68030 50MHz
Harddisk: 4GB Seagate
FastRam: 32MB
ChipRam: 2 MB
CD Drives: CD Burner 4x SCSI
OperatingSYS: AmigaOS3.9 and AmigaOS3.1
Misc: PCMCIA networkcard, parallel sound sampler

These machines rock!!! :rock: :thumb:

PS: these two machines are powered up of course with accelarator boards :)

Just post your experience with that machine or what you think about... Edited by DefCEM
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talking bout classic computers from the 80's. I just bought myself a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) off ebay. I use to have one as a kid but it broke so it'll be ace getting one back again. Can't beat abit of Super Mario Bros 3.
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Guest Prince
[quote=KevTastic,Aug 5 2004, 06:43 PM]I go back further, Atari VCS (2600) anyone, now they were corny but classic machines.[/quote]
How do you classify "corny"? For their time they were good. In the future we'll all be talking about how bad todays equipment was.
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exactly, corny in todays standards, and the fact they milked it all the way through the 80's when there were tons of better machines around at the time. I still loved mine to bits tho. Go down the Market every couple of weeks and get a new game for £2
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[quote=KevTastic,Aug 5 2004, 05:43 PM]I go back further, Atari VCS (2600) anyone, now they were corny but classic machines.[/quote]
I still got mine.............and it works too.
That was when the machine had more buttons than the controler.

Commodore are coming back you know..................

Great news for all you retro fans!

PC manufacturer Tulip has blown new live into the Commodore brand, which is best known for the once immense popular home computer Commodore 64. Tulip took over the brand name from the bankrupt PC manufacturer Escom in 1997, but left it on the shelf for a couple of years.
Until 2003 that was, when Tulip began working together with the British multimedia and marketing company Ironstone. The two launched recently, in co-operation with online music provider Yeahronimo, the website Commodore world.

Through this site they sell electronics and online service with the Commodore brand. With Commodore, according to Ironstone a strong brand with worldwide recognition, they hope to anticipate on the nostalgic feelings which this name calls at many consumers.

The names of the products are not totally unfamiliar for everybody. The names are based on the revolutionary PET Computer and the VIC-20 models of Commodore, which were successful in the early days. Their flashcard music players are called mPet, while their 20 Gb Music player is called eVic!

But the best product for gamers is the C64 DTV-joystick, where DTV stands for Direct To TV! This classic C64 arcade joystick has several classic C64 games built in! Included in the device are the classic Games ™ series from Epyx ™ including Summer Games ™, Winter Games ™, World Games ™ and the seminal California Games ™, which arguably created the extreme sports video games genre.

The first release for the C64 DTV is October 2004
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