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It was a hot summers day in the middle of Leicester Square!! The sun was beating down and the workmen were putting the finishing touches to the stage on which Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince was perfoming!! The time was 1pm and the show wasn't due to start until 6pm but the loyal fans were there waiting for the show to get underway!!

I managed to get a good position at what I thought was the front but the security opened up another section and there was a mad rush to get that bit closer to the stage. I saw people running to the front and I thought "I'm not having this!" So I jumped the fence and kindly pushed my way to the front!! :kekeke: It was here I stood waiting for The Fresh Prince to arrive.

A couple of hours later non other than Jazzy Jeff stepped on satge to make sure his equipment was set up correctly and just basically to warm up. Alot more people had come now and to my surprise, Jeff did not get a reaction! :eek4: He was wearing a bright flourescent green t-shirt and only a handful of poeple shouted out Jeff's name!

(3 Hours Later!!)

I'm standing around making sure my camcorder is working correctly when the crowd errupts!!! Deafening screams and cheers were cdoming from every1! I thought it had to be him. ..........................and it was! Will Smith came out looking vert suave in a suit and shades giving high fives and blowing kisses to every1 in the crowd! It was amazing!! Seeing The Fresh Prince in the flesh after all these years was really something!! To my utter dismay my section of the crowd was the only section he didn't give high fives to! I thought to myself thats ok because at least i have a good position for when he performs!

He did the usual few interviews and mingled with the celebs (Busta Rhymes included) and then it was showtime! Jeff was on the wheels of steel and out of the speakers you hear Will start hyping up the crowd! Jeff kicks in with Beyonce - Crazy In Love and Will did the booty dance!! Really very funny!! The crowd loved it!!

After he did that he was getting every1 to scream and then went into an acapella! Non other that Brand New Funk!!! Jeff came in with the beat and it sounded AWESOME!! As Tim said it sounds so good now that his voice had matured!! After that he asked the crowd who loves hip hop!! Everybody screamed in agreement and then he announced that he had a very special guest he wanted to introduce! He said he wasn't gonna say who it was and just let them come on...........................on comes Biz Markie and he does the original to Just a Friend!! before Biz goes Will says to Biz that he and himself should get down with the beatboxing!!! Will does his trademark beatbox (the one he did in TFBOBA and Men In Black 2) Then Biz did his thing!! Biz went and then Will continued with the show. I can't remember the order of songs he did but he performed:

* Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (different lyrics than what is on the album version)
* Men in Black (excellent but he didn't get to the part with the dance!!)
* Gettin Jiggy Wit It (big crowd pleaser!!)
* Miami (But a modified version for us Londoners!!)

and then the piece de resistance


This sounded AMAZING over the speaker system!! Will was so good and i've never been to a concert like that before! (and been to Michael Jackson, Eminem) It was awesome!!

As he was coming to the end of this i was shouting out "SWITCH, SWITCH" but he didn't hear me!! He didn't mention the new single to us at all! He told us about how he and Jazzy recorded their first ever album in the UK over 5 week!! (Swiss Cottaage) and that we will always hold a special place for him!!!

He then returned back stage!! Everyone was showing their support!! Even all the celebrities!!! All in all it was one of the best moments of my lifetime and I'll be sharing it very soon with u guys on video!!!!

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[quote=Da Brakes,Aug 5 2004, 08:59 AM]Alot more people had come now and to my surprise, Jeff did not get a reaction! :eek4: He was wearing a bright flourescent green t-shirt and only a handful of poeple shouted out Jeff's name![/quote]
hump .. i´m really disappointed about the london fans :dunno:

but..great report :) thx :thumb:
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Yeh watching some of the fans during the performance of summertime on MTV it seemed they wernt really into it too much.

Maybe i was wrong, cos i guess Da Brakes and Fresh Princess can tell us otherwise but i've seen better crowds before.
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To answer DevilsJim89 it's not the new album he was talking about when they made their first album 18 years ago in 86

also will has said in interviews that he is recording while in UK and also a couple months back he was here with jada while she was supporting Brtiney on tour and he met with record company in London so.

I think this concert was more of a thank you to the fans thats why he did the older classics, He said he's coming back when the single is out over here so i think he's saving it for then and then hes' gonna make a big 'splash' over here.
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I saw the mtv show today and let me tell you it doesn't do the fans justice they were so loud and they going mad the whole time i couldn't keep the camera still because of all the people around me

The celebs were getting into it aswell so many of them stoped out to see him that they had to push some of the ones who arrived later were pushed on by and i think that explains why they were being interviewd while he was performing

the people around me reacted to jazzy jeff they were calling him for ages

I also thought that it was clever how it's wasn't pubilc that he was performing i got asked so many times "Whats happening here" "Will smith's performing later"
and the reaction usually was "WILL SMITH !! Wow" :bowdown: Edited by JamesUK
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[quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 5 2004, 04:50 PM]THANKS BRAKES!!! GOOD STUFF!!!

Did he mean he and Jeff have a new album they just made in the UK? Could it be the long and much awaited 6th album?[/quote]
Nah!! He meant that he recorded 'Rock The House' entirely in London! How cool!
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i really wanted to get down there but i couldnt take the day off work. I was real annoyed with the MTV UK footage though cos they kept saying how Will was gonna be performing but when he did start performing they were too busy interviewing other celebs...i think they should've showed footage of the whole performance instead of just a couple of mins at the end...but from what they did show Will was definitely doing his thing!!!

Oh yeah, by the way Will was on TRL and he hillarious as usual and he said that he should be back in the UK within 30 days of SWITCH being released here.
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Their second album was recorded at Battery Studio's in London, but that place doesn't exist anymore.

I have some friends however who are in a band who were recording down in London recently and in one of the toilets they had a platinum plaque up for He's The DJ I'm The Rapper.

Turns out that one of the guys who used to work at Battery moved to this studio.
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Guest Prince
[quote=KevTastic,Aug 5 2004, 06:40 PM]in one of the toilets they had a platinum plaque up for He's The DJ I'm The Rapper.[/quote]
I'm sure JJFP are honoured :thumb: Edited by Prince
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