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UK know how to roll


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Okay, Me, Julie and James are pumping this place at 4am GMT

Now if that aint hardcore than i dont know what is

And i can guarantee, Me and Julie have both been out painting the town red.

You could learn a thing or two from the Liverpool and Kettering crowd


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to be fair though, after lookin at this thread again... I have to say this was the lamest, least drunken night in history! I'll get back on the case when I'm back at uni...

dunno about painting the town red... me and Prince reckon you've painted it a pale shade of pink from what we can see :lol:

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I should add to the mix that I was out drinking the night before aswell :wiggle:

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its clear you guys never been to Sweden. Atleast among my friends, monday is the only day in the week some of us dont hit the clubs. and dont even get me started on the amount of alcohol beeing drunk. its gone so far that im starting to think about stop drinking alcohol at all...

Edit: how many litres is 1 pint?

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