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Live at Union Square (Nov 1986)

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[color=red]Hey all, when Will says 'I'm seventeen years old' near the start - I worked it out and it seems to me that Will would have had his 18th birthday in September 1986, meaning he was not 17 in November 1986...

What's the deal with that?... or have I just messed my dates up? :dunno:
Big thanks to anyone that can clear it up :thumb: [/color]
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[quote=DefCEM,Aug 2 2004, 06:44 PM]I mean it also could be print mistake you know what i mean???
On And In This Corner... Album they also wrote "teh men of your dreams" or "Jegg waz on the beatbox" (on the cd label)
Or "Jazzy Neff" in the insert.

jjfp rocks the house[/quote]
huh? My And In This Corner CD is printed correctly. no errors.
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Yeah, I don't think Will would be down with sayin he was a year younger, that's not really his style is it? Probs just made a mistake on the day, maybe he had been rehearsing that routine/thinking what to say when he was actually 17 then it was just kinda set in his mind...

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