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Let me start off by letting u guys know where i come from as a Superman fan. I grew up on him. From as far back as i remember, i watched him on TV, bought the comic books, dressed up as him for Halloween (over and over again). Superman is just amazing 2 me. Honestly, i think the fact that grew up on Superman kept me making the right choices as i waz growing up. Alot of people grew up loving the Star Wars movie...i grew up on the Superman movies. I'd watch them non-stop. When they finally released them on DVD, i waz all over them. I own probably 400 some Superman comic books, i still have countless action figures (new and old), shirts, lunch boxes, the movies, the DVD sets of the 50's Superman show, the Superboy show, the live action Superboy show, Super Friends and Justice League sets, Lois + Clark, and the new documentary just released last week. That being said...let me crack in2 this movie...

1st off, this movie is said 2 not be a sequel....but it could be. The movie opens up with the voice of Jor-El (Marlon Brando from the 1978 original movie), telling the history of Krypton. The classic music starts, and the credits roll in a fashion nearly identical 2 the originals. Anyone who grew up on the original movies will feel right at home from the start. Superman has left planet Earth for 5 years 2 invistigate news that his home planet had been found. Lois Lane is engaged and has a son. She's given up on Superman and is receiving an award for her article stating why the world doesn't need Superman. Lex Luthor has broken out of jail and wants 2 create his own island, ultimatly destroying the rest of the planet, killing billions. He breaks in2 the Fortress of Solitude (Superman's getaway) and takes the Kryptonian crystals that built it 2 fulfill his plan. 2 make a long story short, Superman returns after finding out that Krypton is gone and that his is alone. He then returns 2 Metropolis and makes a big entrance when he's 1st appears. Clark deals with how Lois' life has changed. Lex Luthor's plan kicks in2 effect, in which his island is built partly with Kryptonite. All in all, the 2 and a half hour movie takes u all over the place. The story is epic.

Nearly every single set is very true 2 the original. Smallville looks exactly as it did in the original movie. Lex Luthor's hideout is stylized in a similar way, the Daily Planet has been updated, but that is expected since they were using cord phones and typewriters in the original.

Now, on2 the characters. Superman/Clark Kent, is perfect. I originally hated the idea of this Superman...he just seemed 2 pretty boyish 2 me. But that's not the case. He is a spitting image of Christoper Reeve. His voice and mannorizms are incredibly similar. Lex Luther is both hilarious and evil...just like he should be. Jimmy Olsen is hilarious. I had no idea i'd be so in love with this new guy's performance. The only character i couldn't really get with is Lois Lane. I just felt like i hardly knew her during the movie.

All in all, the movie is amazing. The sets, music, characters, concepts, and lines are true 2 the original. U'll love the movie if u've never seen a Superman movie...but it's especially good if u have grown up on the originals. Do yourself a favor and see this movie.

Oh yeah, and in the trailors, u'll see a teaser for Spider-Man 3. It looks really good, but after watching Superman Returns, u'll forget all about Spider-Man 3.

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i used to watch lois and clarke too. Me and my friends were watching the original superman film from 1978 last night. it was the funniest thing ever, the effects in this new film must be so much better than that one lol.

Im probably gonna see this but ive not seen any trailers yet.

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seriously.......they did an awesome job with this movie.....i am always leary of sequals.......WOW...only one part that i didnt like was right before superman was stabbed....other than that.....Great Job.....oh and Kevin Spacey...straight up pimp!!!!!!!!!!!

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