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Even more Bow Wow Beef?!?...


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I never saw Roll Bounce (but i own it). The feel good soundtrack and trailor, along with Nick Cannon is why i picked it up. I'll have 2 watch it and compare their performances. Nick Cannon's character actually looked pretty funny.

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Nick Cannon's Music > Bow Wow's Music

Any questions, because there shouldn't be... It's pretty straight forward... It's that simple...


I don't know about the music part. They're both equally wack. It's a push.

If I were stranded on an Island and were forced to pick a cd from either Bow Wow or Nick Cannon, I'd choose Nick. They're both wack, but one is less wack than the other. Degrees of wackness if you will.

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I think Nick hurts Will's legacy more than helps Will's legacy by saying that he was inspired so much from Will, that's like saying Will inspires wackness, Nick can't check a mic for Will and he ain't gonna win an Oscar anytime soon either, I'll admit "Wildin' Out" is cool but it won't be remembered in 10 years like "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" is, he only had like one or two good movies so far to go along with one or two good songs on his only album, he's average at best really, and y'all know how I ain't a big Kanye fan but subpar rappers like Nick make Kanye sound like Rakim, I wonder what's going on these days where how such low talent artists get record deals, these A&R's deserved to be beaten for signing them, it's a crime that Bow Wow and Nick Cannon got record deals to begin with, we need real talented artists like me and Da Brakes to blow up and say openly how much they were inspired by Will, btw Bow Wow trying to pull an Eminem and say that he's gonna retire after releasing his next album, personally I don't think nobody but a handful of lil' girls will actually care, I'd rather be first in line to buy an Eminem album then to buy any album from that lil' pup

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