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Congratz to the Miami Heat..


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I think it's a lil' bit hard to compare somebody who played for 3 years to somebody who played 10 years but I think Wade's mature beyond his years, ever since he came into the league his rookie year he's been a leader, you can't say that about Kobe when he started and I myself been questioning his maturity for a while still but this year I was impressed that he was able to lead the Lakers to the playoffs when they don't really have that much talent

Now as far as Iverson vs. Kobe which might be an easier comparison to make since they've both played 10 years, I'd have to go with Iverson overall considering most of his career he hasn't had the type of players surrounding him as much as Kobe has had, the Lakers were a playoff contender before they drafted Kobe and they signed Shaq in his rookie year so he's basically in a winning situation already, the Lakers always seemed to have deep rosters for many years, their bench players could've been starters on most teams, but the Sixers were a lottery team when they drafted Iverson and he was basically carrying the team into playoff contention himself for many years, their roster was thin for many years, Iverson basically made up the team for many years and still does it seems but I actually think that this year Sixers had a better roster than the Lakers did but they still could'nt make the playoffs, I think that's the reason why people might've voted Kobe at the end of this year 'cause they looked at the standings, Sixers should've won their division with the type of talent that they had, people were actually picking them to contend in the East this year with the Nets, Heat, and Pistons when the season started, Lakers were counted out this year in the beginning, many thought they were going to the lottery, so the edge goes to Kobe currently 'cause Kobe proved for the first time that he could lead a team with less talent into the playoffs but the Sixers this year had the most talent in years and they choked and Iverson gets the blame for it by most people, of course Webber ain't in his prime anymore, maybe if he played on the team in 2001 the Sixers would've beat the Lakers in the finals, basically they didn't have any big man to pound the ball into, Mutombo is a defender not a scorer

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Miami baby, all the way, it was bumpy ride, but it came together in the playoffs, at the beginning of the year, I said they were going all the way, and no one believed me. It was a great series and I was glad to see my team take it!

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