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What Good?

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What good is a pen if it can hold no ink?

what good is an intellectual mind if it can't even think?

what good is a key if it doesn't fit the lock?

what good is creative expression, when you have a mental block?

what good is a book, without words and pages?

what good is progression, without compromise and stages?

what good is medication if you can never get well?

what good is something of value that you can't even sell?

what good is a smile; if it doesn't quite reach your eyes?

what good is a great life, if you're not remembered in your demise?

what good is happiness if it's never really earned?

what good is a teaching a lesson, if it's never really learned?

what good is a body if it's constantly abused?

what good is having power if it's constantly misused?

what good is a dream if you're sleeping the entire time?

what good is ownership if you can't even say "that's mine"?

what good is learning from failure if you never bother to try?

what good is expressing emotion, if you never exercise your right to cry?

what good is the future if you've already given up because of your past?

what good is a first impression if you can't even make it last?

what good is the moon in the middle of the day?

what good is having light, if it doesn't drive the darkness away?

what good is the sun, on a day handpicked for clouds and rain?

what good is sympathy to someone who's always suffering from pain?

what good is a star if it never shines and glistens?

what good is having a voice, if no one ever listens?

what good is today if you're too focused on tomorrow?

what good is anything you have, if you continue to borrow?

what good is this poem...these couplets and words?

If they always fall upon deaf ears...if they're always unheard?????????????????????


more repitition...i'm like the queen of repitition

*on another note, sad it took this long to get to my 1000th post lol :wiggle:

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Well I like it Miss Ashley :2thumbs:

You always do a great job.

Congrats on your 1000 posts :yeah:

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I can truly appreciate poetry, and after reading that, I can say I have a favorite writer. It's something about reading your poems. I can understand every bit of it, yet it still makes me think. This poem was brilliant.

wow, thnx lol..I know what you mean though I kinda feel the same way when I read something by you or Tim, and some other members here it's like maybe I've thought the same thing a time or two but couldn't put it into words, or I could relate to where you're coming from....thnx for the feedback guys, I'm working hard on coming up with new stuff

*fuQ do you know much about free-writing?(if you don't) it's basically a technique where you pick a subject or you're given a subject and you write non-stop for a certain amount of time. You basically let your pen guide you. I was thinking of sharing a couple of mine but I figure since it's prose not poetry/song/rap/ many people won't take time out to read it, but if anybody would be willing to give me some feedback I'll start by posting just one

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I'm not sure if I've ever categorized my stuff to that extent. More than likely, I haven't done that except one time. I did something like that for a "poem" titled 'Truths + Love'. At the most, I'd just free my mind and write str8 up. The quickest I've wrote a verse was maybe 15 minutes. I sort of mix "free-writing" with it being based around an idea. As long as what I'm writing is rich, I really won't care how much time I put in it.

And go ahead an post or pm me a "Free-Written". I'd like to read it.

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