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will on new album

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Smith will also have a new album which is slated to be released at about Christmas time this year.

“Where in I, Robot you see a slightly more mature but still a little of the old Will, that is sort of the same place where I am with my music. There will still be a little of the old-school flavour but it will be slightly more mature. It is still dance oriented but there will also be a lot more moments of reflection for this album lyrically,” said Smith.

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This sounds good so good!! As general as the statement is, it sounds exactly like what his music needs. I'm sure we can expect flava from all of his albums as an influence but with a new skool fine tuning for the 2-0-0-4.

I think it'll be alot like Willennium but without the Will 2Ks, Freakin' Its, and Da Buttas. I can't wait 4 a taste of this album!!
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I hope that this album is the '04 version of Code Red and Big Willie Style, those were his most versatile albums! :werd: :dj:
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I just want the relaxed subject matter of Born To Reign, the agressivness, topic variety, and the flawless ATOJ-styled produciton of Willennium, and the good-tyme feel of Big Willie Style.

However, i don't want him 2 do stuff like he's already done...i don't want it 2 be like past albums. I want totally fresh, new skool stuff from him that surpasses the standards set by his past work.

How do any of us have the right keep him in one place. Let's just let Will go crazy and see what happens. :werd:
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