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Well jim. U do whatever works 4 u. some write 2 the beat. or make the lyrics and create the beat 2 fit. FP said 2 things that i made note of myself.

1. write about stuff U know & feel
2. don't follow the trend of what the music does

on average, it'z usually 8 (16 lines). a lot of times it'z 3 and chorus's in between.

As far as flow is concerned. 4 some it just comes natural. sometimes, i get inspired by another song and use a different beat. or may use that same beat. or inspired in general.

Just make the song any way u want 2. u may create a new style never heard of. I've just got 2 wordz 4 u.

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^^ Thats just summed it up!!! I usually make a beat or get one made and then write to it afterwards. I think its so much better if u write a song to a beat rather than write lyrics then put it to a beat! I just think it makes your flow alot better!!

but it is really however you feel comfortable!! every1 has their own style!!
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me and my best friend used to write songs when we were about 10, she used to make up the lyrics and make a tune, and i would find the chords on my guitar to go with them. Obviously the songs were rubbish coz we were only young.

Some of our lyrics were things like "there is a boy near to me who is like a charm, when he is near me it is very warm, both of us together holdng hand in hand, being like a king and queen owning all the land" lmao i wonder why we didnt make it, now dont be biting those lyrics ppl , i now u want to. lol. :dancingcool: Edited by Jazzy Julie
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Well beats are really supposed to be the compliment to the song, if it's a love song the beat would be mellow it wouldn't be sounding fast like a club beat like it would if you were trying to be more aggressive in your delivery. I just write emotions that I feel in my life so my rhymes are very poetic and telling a story,I don't need beats to write songs, but when I start recording my songs I already know the pace of the song so I feel that it would make sense when it comes time 4 me 2 record my songs one day it won't b hard 2 find a beat that would compliment. :werd: :dj:
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[quote=sonic1988,Jul 28 2004, 05:03 PM]try using the mtv music maker!!!! it is for pc and ps2 and I think xbox!!!!![/quote]
ok, about that music mixer. is it any good? like could u make cds off of it too? I'm sure a mic comes wit it rite? See, I was thinkin about gettin a music mixer 4 my xbox.
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Its ok!! I used it for a while but i much prefer Reason!! This is the real deal for when it comes to creating music!!! If you go here [b][url="http://www.soundclick.com/dabrakes"]www.soundclick.com/dabrakes[/url] [/b]and listen to 'Understand' and 'Make Noise!' they were all done on Reason (Sorry!! Shameless promotion!!)

But it is really what your used to and what you feel most comfortable with!!

And you don't get a free mic with music maker!! Edited by Da Brakes
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