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Reccomend some good Alternative/Cross Genre music!

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I just bought Godzilla 2000,Enter The Matrix Sountracks i guess this a start... :hmm:

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The Judgement Night soundtrack has lot of Hip-Hop/Rap and Rock collabos....Run-DMC, De La Soul, Onyx, Cypress Hill, Sir Mix-Alot...alongside Living Colour, Pearl Jam, etc.

The Tony Rich Project mixes R-N-B and Soul with some Rock on his 2003 album.

4th Avenue Jones' most recent album mixes Hip-Hop, R-N-B and Rock.

DMC's album has various flavas mixed in with Hip-Hop.

Martin Luther has R-N-B Soul mixed in with Rock.

Speech combines Hip-Hop, R-N-B, Soul, Reggae all 2gether.

Gospel singer Nicole C. Mullen mixes alot of acoustics and a dash of rock in some of her R-N-B sound...along with some Hip-Hop

Natasha Bedingfield and Nelly Furtado mix alot of different styles 2gether in their music.

Jason Mraz is a light rock and acoustic kinda artist...but he mixes soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae/Dancehall, and Jazz in with his stuff. He's most recent single is a perfect example..."Geek In The Pink."

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ooooooooooooh you got me on my SH*T!!!! (as Jay Z would say).

I love cross-genre music.

Apocalyptica -- Metallica music on Cellos is really cool. I have a live dvd of their from Germany. They are from Finland.

I also have a cd of a mix of rap/rock if you are interested. Get at me @ jazzysoul06@yahoo.com and I'll hook you up.

or find me on AIM sometime: jazzysoul06

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Yeah DMC's album definately is an ecletic mix, check out Wyclef's albums too

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I have the Beastie boys antholagies,And their newest one!

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