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MTV's Top 10 MC's Of All-Time


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Jigga has a better flow, but with lyrics he aint near Pac. I think tho LL Cool J, Rakim, Chuck D. should be place above Tupac, Biggie and Jigga.

Anyway, on Jigga: LL said in his recent interviw that he also respcet artists for theyr busisines skilsz. And when it comes on buisines there is no Mc like Jigga. Roc-A-Fella is one of "biggest" labels and he stardet out of nothing.. But thats caus of Dame Dash and Irv Gotti too. They should get more credits for theyr buissines skils than Jigga, but they aint no Mcs so that dont count. Puffy also dont count I guess..

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How funny how things could change, people called MC Hammer a sell out when he would try other ways to make money other than rapping but now everybody gives props to Jay-Z, yeah I noticed Chuck D wasn't mentioned either, no top 10 is complete without Chuck D....

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Because Eminem is a genious at lyricism and has some of the best wordplay I've ever seen.

At the start of his career maybe but definitely not the way he ended it.

:word: I lost sum respect for him after encore but no matter what u say Ems early music is my all time favourite so its debatable wether he is a top ten MC.

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Speaking of Eminem, if he wants to bounce back and get more respect for his music again he should start making postive songs in the memory of his friend Proof, if this don't change him for the better nothing will...

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Yeah that's kinda freaky how "Like Toy Soldiers" video came to life with Proof dying in the video and Eminem rushing to the emergency room, a lot of people talking about that....

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

eminem undid everything Vanilla did for white rappers cuz kid rock waz a rapper until wat ice did but Em made it more stable for white rappes

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for eminem, you see its like he only writes about about 4 things

-family(mom, kim, daughter)

-him being white

-publics view

-random stupid eminem sh!t

theres probaly more but the majority of his stuff is that, thats why encore was bad, any of the bearable songs where already rapped about by him and all the others weird severly f*cked up album fillers.( which can be classified as random eminem sh!t on my list). so its still the same stuff.

on the slim shady lp he had more topics and stories, plus it was orginal then. the next album was big cause the contriversy and it was raw, had lots of emotion in it. it was a more mature eminem. i think eminem show was pretty solid album actually, but encore was just trashy messed up tracks.

i wouldnt keep him on the list and replace him with talib kweli or common or mos def or someone like that, but if he had to stay i would make him #10. and jay z definatly cant be number one, thats a joke. hes too commercial to be the best rapper, maybe best selling (but i dont even know that). if your talking lyrically and passion and influence i would have to go with the cliche answer of tupac. cause not only was he passionate but actually had messages in some songs,powerful ones.

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I don't know if anyone missed this, but Jay-Z's flow, at least over his last few albums, was dreadfully boring. That, coupled with the fact that he just kept boasting more and more about himself, started to turn me off his music. Anyhow, for right now here's my list for top 10 all time MC's (I even submitted this to MTV):

not exactly in particular order:

> Rakim

> Ice Cube

> Common

> Tupac

> AZ

> Nas

> Aceyalone

> KRS-One

> O.C.

> Chuck D

honorable mentions:

Masta Ace, Notorious BIG, Killah Priest, LL Cool J, Big L, Guru, Ice T, Big Pun, Gza, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Scarface, Fresh Prince

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here's my top ten

10. eminem - admittedly if this was a few years ago i would have ranked him much higher, but he has sucked lately & i learned much more about hip-hop, but nothing compares to his early career from infinite to the marshall mathers lp, and the eminem show wasn't so bad. and still noone can beat him in a freestyle, so if we're talking emcees he has to be on the list. and i hate to say this. but proof's death might make eminem want to make great songs again.

9. jay-z - just cause you're commercial doesn't mean that you suck (even though most do). jay has a classic album under his belt (blueprint) and is pretty good lyrically when he's not biting.

8. LL Cool J - the only artist that has lasted so long and is still popular in hip-hop. end of story

7. tupac - yes, he does make amazing songs and has amazing lyrics and great messages, but there's only about 15-20 of those songs. so undeniably tupac is a great artist. but i don't see him being ranked higher (i also don't think that if he was still alive he'd be this widely considered as the greatest ever)

6. Black Thought - this guys flows are crazy, and being part of the most original hip-hop group ever isn't so bad either.

5. Talib Kweli - great lyrics, great flow (granted mos def's is a bit better). and already has 2 classic albums (black star & reflection eternal). and quality and the beautiful struggle were amazing too.

4. Nas - too lazy to think of an explanation for this one. hopefully everyone understands it

3. Common - personally. i don't like how common doesn't get respect. he has arguably the greatest hip-hop song ever made (i used to love h.e.r.) . multiple classic albums. amazing flow & lyrics. it's no wonder a lotta mc's have said "truthfully i wanna rhyme like common sense"

2. Rakim

1. Krs-One

i've been debating about who's number one. & both of those are so close. i kept flip-flopping but in the end i gave the edge to krs-one cuz he's been more stable and has more albums under his belt.

and i was not biased at all. my favorite artists personally are talib kweli, eminem & JJFP. so you can see i'm not biased.

and yes it was really hard for me to not put JJFP in there. but they are definitely in the top 15.

comments. questions. concerns ?

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