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  1. don't know if this has been posted before, sorry if it has.
  2. The rappers have decided to dust off their mics and turntables for a tour called Boom! Shake The Land next year. Jazzy is announcing the duo's return later this month at the holiday resort in north Wales where he is a special guest DJ for the BCM reunion. The twosome first hit the scene in 1985 with Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble and since then have gone on to sell over 10 million records worldwide with hits such as Parents Just Don't Understand. The dynamic duo have also won three Grammy Awards, three American Music Awards, two NAACP Awards, two Soul Train Music Awards, as well as an MTV Music Award. While DJ Jazzy turned to producing – he is the founder and CEO of A Touch Of Jazz Inc – The Fresh Prince made blockbusters movies such as Bad Boys, Men In Black and I-Robot. But now the pair will step up to the mic once again with their tour next year. http://www.hhnlive.com/news/more/565.html
  3. i've been wanting to listen to this album for a while now. it looks pretty good. i'll take a listen when i have time
  4. how about not calling anybody an idiot anymore, deal ? & i do disagree with this. everyone in hip-hop samples. and being played in a club has no significance to how good your music is.
  5. here's my top ten 10. eminem - admittedly if this was a few years ago i would have ranked him much higher, but he has sucked lately & i learned much more about hip-hop, but nothing compares to his early career from infinite to the marshall mathers lp, and the eminem show wasn't so bad. and still noone can beat him in a freestyle, so if we're talking emcees he has to be on the list. and i hate to say this. but proof's death might make eminem want to make great songs again. 9. jay-z - just cause you're commercial doesn't mean that you suck (even though most do). jay has a classic album under his belt (blueprint) and is pretty good lyrically when he's not biting. 8. LL Cool J - the only artist that has lasted so long and is still popular in hip-hop. end of story 7. tupac - yes, he does make amazing songs and has amazing lyrics and great messages, but there's only about 15-20 of those songs. so undeniably tupac is a great artist. but i don't see him being ranked higher (i also don't think that if he was still alive he'd be this widely considered as the greatest ever) 6. Black Thought - this guys flows are crazy, and being part of the most original hip-hop group ever isn't so bad either. 5. Talib Kweli - great lyrics, great flow (granted mos def's is a bit better). and already has 2 classic albums (black star & reflection eternal). and quality and the beautiful struggle were amazing too. 4. Nas - too lazy to think of an explanation for this one. hopefully everyone understands it 3. Common - personally. i don't like how common doesn't get respect. he has arguably the greatest hip-hop song ever made (i used to love h.e.r.) . multiple classic albums. amazing flow & lyrics. it's no wonder a lotta mc's have said "truthfully i wanna rhyme like common sense" 2. Rakim 1. Krs-One i've been debating about who's number one. & both of those are so close. i kept flip-flopping but in the end i gave the edge to krs-one cuz he's been more stable and has more albums under his belt. and i was not biased at all. my favorite artists personally are talib kweli, eminem & JJFP. so you can see i'm not biased. and yes it was really hard for me to not put JJFP in there. but they are definitely in the top 15. comments. questions. concerns ?
  6. news flash man. fresh prince is not a top ten emcee. top 20 no doubt. but not top ten. mtv's list is missing common, talib kweli & black thought. who i think should be in there. and it's more than ten even if you take out eminem & biggy. who are your top ten emcees then ?
  7. R.I.P. Proof & on the real. you guys should really give his album "Searching For Jerry Garcia" a chance. especially the song "kurt kobain".
  8. i know a lot of you are gonna hate me for this one .. but will smith & eminem collabo two of my favorite rappers ever .. and eminem has sucked lately .. so i think if he made a song with will he'd step his game up .. like he was back in the old days .. or a will & rakim will & the roots will & common blackstar etc .. real hip-hop
  9. matter of fact .. nelly does make good music .. not all of his songs .. but some of his songs are on a really high level .. especially a few songs of the suit album .. he's not the greatest .. but he's good
  10. just curious .. cuz well .. i never saw it .. and i live here
  11. about kanyes flow .. i think its amazing now not as good as wills but its amazing none the less and i know never let me down was on his last album just clearing it up =]
  12. i say don't compare the two artists .. just let them be both artists are great and kanye did mention on a few songs that he doesn't like the rap game .. never let me down for example
  13. great news. i dunno how they're gonna premiere during the vma's but we'll see and p.s. i heard kanyes album .. i actually think its better than will's album .. best album of the year so far .. ima get it on the 30th
  14. uhm i dunno about you but i just did the math and i got 395.83 days .. not 7 lol
  15. hmm i'm one of those people that doesn't diss em .. i think he's got talent .. and when he chooses to use it he is the best in my opinion .. however when he makes that **** about nothing .. i just look at it as a waste of talent .. if you discount all the dumb songs .. and look at the real ones .. he is one of the greatest ever .. however you can't do that .. even tho that's how i look at it .. cuz i hate talent wasted
  16. i actually agree with you .. he's ran out of ideas .. so don't over do it .. but he truly was great .. even tho his last album was garbage .. just a couple good songs .. and oh jazzy julie .. he's not rapping in an indian accent lol .. he's mocking the voice of triumph the insult comic dog
  17. every news website is reporting that he is done and will be a fulltime producer .. even allhiphop.com .. love him or hate him .. if this is true .. it's a sad day what do you think ?
  18. it said in a row !! he had 9 overall .. but its his fifth in a row
  19. But can`t you donwload them at Kazaa or Limewire or something like that? ← no i looked .. it's only got like summertime and parents just dont understand its alright .. thanks anyways .. i'll live
  20. well it's cool .. i just thought i'd ask .. i expected those responses .. but thought maybe someone would be nice enough it's cool thanks
  21. or if someone could upload it to something like yousendit.com and send it to my email .. i'd gladly appreciate it
  22. and upload the "code red" and "and in this corner" albums .. please i'm over here in canada .. i went with my family .. gonna be here a month .. and i didn't bring any cd's and can't find JJFP to download anywhere so please .. i can't go without my JJFP
  23. what you talking about ?? the lyrics are perfect .. i didn't see one mistake on there ..
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