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MTV's Top 10 MC's Of All-Time


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I still dont get this. I mean.. Jigga? I could think of many MC`s next the other ones on the list that are better than him.. He should be under Mc`s like Will, Fat Joe, DMX, Ghostface Killah, GZA, Method Man, Redman, Reakwon.. I böleiev Jigga is a good MC, but this just dont make no sence. This ones are far better than him.. I dont get how they came on this thought..

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I was reading the testominal on MTV.com for Jay and they damn nearly did a whole paragraph on how he got his own clothing line and he owns the Nets, I mean what the hell does that have to do with being a #1 mc of all time? They should just talk about his music, what you do outside the music does not make you a better mc, Will was mocking that thought in "Freakin' It" about how some of these people judge hip-hop mcs instead of by skills: "How do you judge a real mc?, Is it the sales?(20 mil), Is it the cars?(Bentleys), Is it the women?(Jada), Is it the money?, (Please??!!") maybe if DMX owned the Knicks and Will owned the Sixers they'd put them in the top 10 too, DMX stays out the spotlight when he don't make records(except when arrested, lol) and even Will stays on a low for a while too when he don't release music or movies but you see Jay everywhere all the time, you can't seem to escape him, he always interviews, he's always on TV, they throw the camera on him if I watch the Nets game, so he's the political choice at #1, he's somebody everyone's familar with...

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