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2 day emcee competition


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you have 2 days to post a verse..there are no restriction on how long it is or anything... when the 2 days is up everyone will vote for who they thought dropped the best verse..and u cant vote for yourself... let the competition begin!
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Afraid of competition
People want a coalition
But now that I'm pumping in truth
The board brings up a new petition
Mad that I went first
Made that they went last
The present is the present
And your winnings are the past
It's 11 O'clock here
Never lyrically outta stock dear
Call up your friends
To my victory we'll say "Cheers"
Now bring on a battle of truth
Not the 20 minute pre-thought dupe
I know what I see when an MC is fakin
It's easy on the net cause nobody see's you baking
All the rhymes you thought upstairs before they came down
All the judges praise you and they hand down the underserving crown
But I won't change my patterns and conform to get wins
I know I didn't cheat and my spirit is on high ends
Now bring on a battle if you're gonna be real
I want a REAL freestyle
A get it, got it, good
If you really won then I'll say that it was fun
But so far I know the patterns, please suprise me
Cause so far the lame happy meals don't appetize me

God Blessa!
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Through all the playoff rounds
Fools crawl and stay on the ground
The tools are raw to display the sound
Musical rules for y'all to play on now
It's hard to rip flames
If you come soft on the move with the mixtape
The hardness is lost when you fix the game
It's a bigger cost if you win the game
Dishonestly then you don't know your heart to live the honest way
I know you criticize a lot of the **** I say
But you know I don't fool twice on the spot that I polish my game
The knowledge I gain
Is the homage I gave
Like a veteran I maintain
It's not about dollars I make
I'm not poppin' collars today
You got dollars, but what else did you gain?
Your dignity is vain
To become the envy of a waste
You're empty and a shame
You're sad 'cause I didn't take your virginity away
Why don't you shut your crying and grow up, you lame
All these young bucks are two face
One minute they're all cool and great
'Cause they hide that foolish attitude of their space
Which hold nothin' true for their case
To debate that they hold their own name
They just stay on to immitate
I've been hearin' your garbage for a long time
Why is it hard to rip a strong rhyme?
I make it look simplistic
I take the hook to transistion
The other squads don't look to position
So I'm running all over them
Yo, I ain't a point guard from Brooklyn
But y'all doubt in your art of passion
I got the route to spark the rapping
Like Mark Jackson when he darts the passes
Or Marbury bringin' the Garden frenzy
When them lames were fakin' ****
And overrated like J.Kidd
You'll never find a way to fade this
Not much time does it take me to create lyrics
That's how I'm stay in the business
I'm the hardest workin' rapper on this board
When I'm always comin' back for more
To make competition crawl flat when they're sore
After takin' hits from my raw jabs, they'll be rappin' no more
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if the streets get near
then the fear hits your tear
you break down like bakin powder
shout some **** at you and then make it louder
ya'll look at me like you want somethin
wasnt it you who kept sayin he's frontin
i came out got everythin and came with nothin
lyrically respected behind the m-i-c
dont you know that the best rapper is j-o-e
gotta be smart as possible and thats what i say
try and mock me you better get out of my way
your blinded with all the sins you bring into your raps
you say lets have a race i say how many laps?
my stamina is longer than yours and courage even more so
had a girl good but she left me cause i thought she was a ho
i had to leave, needed to breath
smoke hit my lungs harder for the seeve
who came last and who came 1st
im like a rap vampire always dyin of thirst
i paid my way up and down
my ass was dragged halfway across town
got up and every one thought i was a clown
and wonder where behind say "turn that frown upside down"
forget that, regret that, mc's get so hard they respect that
get back, stay back, make sure you give me respect back
the only way i will cry is if i didnt make you say i wonder why
the only reason i do this lie, is to make you believe you have somethin in your eye
if i do a riddle like this, with the middle ant the end
all you do is fillder around like piss, make sure you 2 stay friends
a battle rap to get your score straight
i'll hit you so hard you would like to know what is your mindstate
locked down, cuffed for years
and now you want to know why i have my fears?

all 4 fun, peace

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Split Personality Flow

[color=red]Now it's time for hard rolla dice to bust a rhyme
No restrictions applied so I'll take my time
When I'm taken my time don't think I'll go slow
Cause I'm quick with a rhyme I'm fast with a flow
I've been in this game for only three years
And I'm steppen to MC's and bringin' them tears
You see I'm a battlin' MC so step to me
You'll be losin' to me and that' the way it'll be
When I rap hardcore they all call me dice
Cause I be rollin' on the edge near death do it twice
But when I wanna nice real cool be a friend
The call me Seal with the K on the end
But right now you're hearin' from da D-I-C-E
The hard rolla dice with a style that's free
But this is enough, it's enough of me
Let's pass the mic to sealk and see how he be[/color]

[color=blue]I'm the S to the E to the A
That's topped off with and L and a K
Then you ask yourself "yo man, what's that say?"
Well its S-E-A-L-K all day
The name is SEALK similar to silk
I got the name for being sweet, you see I'm smooth as sealk
I'm very lyrical with no curse in my verse
And I'll take on any man to who steals a woman's purse
I'm a proper guy hold doors pull chairs
Old fashioned like shakespeare and tell a girl she's fair
And if you don't know "fair" means beautiful
I'll do anything for a girl that she finds suitable
And still today I search for love
A perfect girl I ask from God above
But this is the end of my freestyle flow
Love's a callin' and I gotta go[/color]
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[quote=Da Brakes,Jul 29 2004, 08:59 AM]Nobody else gonna vote???? We only need a few more!!![/quote]
:werd: Nobody else is gonna vote? I can't vote 'cause I participated in the battle so I don't wanna be biased towards myself, but everyone else should come and vote!
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[quote=Da Brakes,Jul 29 2004, 08:59 AM]Nobody else gonna vote???? We only need a few more!!![/quote]
:werd: Nobody else is gonna vote? I can't vote 'cause I participated in the battle so I don't wanna be biased towards myself, but everyone else should come and vote!
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Guest Prince
[quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 31 2004, 08:10 PM]i vote big ted too, we should have pmed these votes really.[/quote]
Why PM votes? They don't do it all secretive when freestyles are live... I think votes should always be said in the post because if a person can't accept that somebody else liked another verse better than theirs then they shouldn't be participating. Like 'pac said, "If you can't stand the heat, then get the f*** out the kitchen".

Oh, and my vote to G (if you want me to call you by bigted then sorry and just say so :thumb: ). I didn't include SEALK's in my judging since he entered after it had closed so no hard feelings man :dj:
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