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Okay when we get to fox studios in Sydney it is absolutely teaming down with rain.. through the back entrance as someone opens a gate.. umbrellas up and away we go.. through the crowds “yo jazzy jazzy ..its jazzy jeff!” over the steel gate and up through the red carpet to the stage.. the women up on the stage is trying to get the crowd hyped “are you ready?” she screams to the soaked onlookers.. “for a monsoon?” Jeff slyly remarks.. Okay up on stage and darnell(jeffs guy is setting up the equipment) making sure those cdj’s and turntables are finely tuned..and laying out jeffs 2 crates of records and 1 bag of cds… will comes up the red carpet in his suit and goes back into the booth to get into his hip hop gear on…ahh just 1 problem carlos has got wills jeans.. and wheres carlos? I think he got lost in the rush..okay here comes carlos with wills clothes..crisis adverted and wills ready to roll… the women/mc/crowd hyper walks past me says hi as she steps on stage.. are you ready to see will smith and jazzy jeff? Yeah the crowd is ready and the rains eased off just a bit.. someone quickly jumps up on stage with a towel to get rid of the excess water on the stage.. darnell gets sum tape and tapes the set list up near jeffs decks.. will actually wanted to do 11 tracks included ol skool classics such as parents just don’t understand and nightmare on my street.. but they were supposed to be on stage at 6..its now about 7:10 and wills gotta get into the I robot premiere plus its pouring with rain so theirs no time for all those tracks…

Okay jeff steps up to the decks and the crowd roars.. first up jeff plays beyonces crazy in love.. the horns blaring as Will steps out on the stage.. will then goes into his beyonce dance!!hilarious stuff as wills shakin his booty like B to the crowds excitement.. “where my ladies at?????” will yells .. “where my fellas at?”

Okay now we’re getting into it..str8 into brand new funk! Get down!

[b]“A literary, genius, and a superior beat creator
have come together, and we made a
musical composition which we think is a remedy
to cure all the dance floors that's empty
You wanna dance? We got what you want
Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince bustin out with the brand new funk “[/b]

brand new funk sounds awesome live.. like 100 times better than on a cd..especially nowadays..wills voice is deeper.. and the lyrics still stand up.. in the beginning its just the drum track from bnf..the bass lines supposed to kick in but it isn’t.. will later clowns jeff “rookie mistake jeff….rookie mistake!” “I was wondering why that wasn’t sounding right” jeff replies back laughing…

okay now the brand new funk begins to hit in..and jeff sets it off with his superb scratching..*hit it*

and yes jeff comes in with “yeah def aint it” will is absolutely ripping the lyrics..showin real skill! And it was the live version of brand new funk! Cause will said the “no small letters and our names only capitals” line but will changed hundreds of thousands of fans to hundreds of millions of fans I think haha

okay now men in black.. and wills got the crowd singing along to the chorus.. and into getting jiggy wit it.. huge crowd response…
okay will pulls it down a bit as he begins to talk to the crowd “I got my new single switch coming out in 6 weeks.. ive never performed it..this is the first time here in Australia” then will proceeds to show everyone the “switch dance” and its very hard to describe.. a pretty kool dance.. u got ya hands down by ya side and then out in front as if u gonna clap and movin em back n forth.. I think!

The beat for switch comes in.. it really hits hard..it’s a club banger..and will sets off the rhyme .. “you though u could come in the club and dance nekkid?” I think will says.. he raps the verse about this girl in a club.. and then into the chorus.. switch! And will switches up the dance..and gets the whole crowd doin the switch…

okay now its back into Miami.. but this time its “I’m goin back to Sydney” to the crowds delight… okay after tearin down that track as the rain begins pouring down again Will walks up to where jeff is and begins to have a conversation.. “you know its july..and in the US its summer.. but down here its in reverse…” jeff: “yeahH” will: “look jeff I wanna feel summer..” jeff: “lets show em what its like” “take me there jeff” and summertime blasts!! Damn that beat sounds good! Blaring out of the speakers.. and its into another jazzy jeff and fresh prince classic… summer summer summer time…the pouring rain doesn’t dampen the brilliance of this song… and then its over.. will thanks the crowd.. “you guys are true fans right here!!.. I gotta go into the premiere now.. on behalf of dj jazzy jeff and yours truly..we wanna thank you for coming out tonight!”

and there it is 2 musical saviours..its 2004.. and jazzy jeff and fresh prince are still rockin it.. their performance showed that they not only still got it..but they are one of the dopest hip hop groups live.. so many give substandard performances..but will brings it with the energy, great stage performance.. and the back n forth between will and jeff is another example of their great chemistry… every song of theirs sounded so much better live! Another example of their superiority..yeah these guys have rocked some crowds before and they haven’t lost any of their touch .. my highlight was probably brand new funk! Yeah even more than summertime.. will and jeff just ripped it! And the track sounds great to this day.. nother hip hop classic… as jeff and will leave the stage the rain really begins to pour down..it held off just long enough so jjfp could do their thing.. and everyone was loving their performance…

..and u could tell will and jeff enjoyed it so much much 2.. will may be one of the biggest movie stars in the world..but hes a hip hop emcee through and through.. and he showed that night hes still got the hunger and love for the music..

so get ready y’all jazzy jeff and fresh prince are comin back at ya..and they’re bringin the heat… 4 real….

Heres a report of the show they had on the news.. with a tiny clip of brand new funk live

[url="http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/audio/jjfplivenews.mp3"]Will raps with Jeff[/url]

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[img]http://images.image-data.com/1/thumbs/23424/23424605.jpg[/img] [img]http://images.image-data.com/1/thumbs/23424/23424604.jpg[/img] [img]http://images.image-data.com/1/thumbs/23424/23424602.jpg[/img]

[img]http://images.image-data.com/1/thumbs/23424/23424601.jpg[/img] [img]http://images.image-data.com/1/thumbs/23424/23424593.jpg[/img]
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[img]http://channels.netscape.com/fotosrch/3/20040719XSYD107.jpg[/img] - will doin his beyonce
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[quote=WildWildWillennium,Jul 23 2004, 12:58 AM]Cool, glad u enjoyed it!! Did u get 2 interview them?[/quote]
no.. they were very busy workin on somethin very dope..so i didnt wanna mess with that... :thumb:
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