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"OMG! Bow Wow is So Nasty!"-Jada


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I ran into Ciara's myspace music profile and I was checking out her pictures. On one of the pictures she posted, Bow Wow is starting to touch Ciara's behind. Under the picture, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a comment "OMG! Bow Wow is So Nasty!". :lolsign:

Link 2 picture/Jada's comment

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Nobody has an excuse 2 wear a vest with no shirt under it...especially Bow Wow with all those muscles missing.

:rofl: True. I also noticied Bow Wow has a lot of tatoos on his arm now.

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Ciara is so much bigger than Bow Wow, it is hilarious how he thinks he is so gangsta, it looks like he weighs about 100 lbs. I really don't understand what Ciara is thinking, being with him...

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