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My Sister's Friend Met Will & Jada


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My older sister, Larissa, works at Best Buy (an electronic store). She works in the management department. One of her friends at work was able to meet Will and Jada about 2 weeks ago. Her job is to buy cds and dvds from to put in their stores. So a lot of music artists that want their muisic in Best Buy stores meet her. Well, as you know, Jada is touring with her band, and they want to get their cds in Best Buy stores. So they went out to dinner with her and Will came along too. My sister's friend said Will was very nice. She is so lucky, she gets paid to go out to nice dinners with celebrites. Larissa was telling me I got to get that job someday :lolsign: I just thought I would share this with ya'll.

Here is a picture of Will, Jada, Larissa's friend and the people my sister's friend works with (my sister's friend is the one with the with the short blonde hair and the jean jacket. (Sorry for the large picture)


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Jada is gonna rob the juwlery store and makes here a Gril..lol.

Thats cool!!


Anyways lucky her she got 2 meet WIll and Jada. Thanx 4 sharin' wit us. :2thumbs:

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