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Will's statement on the war in Iraq!!!!


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I don't watch the news much either except for when I eat dinner with my parents, they're always watching the news and it always talks about the war in Iraq and the U.S. Presidential election, we all know that the news is depressing but it's allright to watch it once in a while to stay informed, especially since I'm trying to decide who I'm gonna vote for in the November election, even though I basically know who I'm gonna vote for already.
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Guest Prince
Here, its stories about how one bloke strangled another guy, left his body in the bath then returned a few days later and sawed it up into 5 pieces then buried some pieces in a shallow grave outside and the others he wrapped in bin liners and threw them in the trash. The latest big thing on UK news is a man on the loose, now known as "Britain's most wanted" who is suspected of killing quite a few people and could still kill more. I just don't want to get depressed over things like that.

By not reading it I'm not living in a dream world, I [i]know[/i] society is screwed up and in reality the world is much worse than people could imagine; I would just prefer not to hear about news like that. Edited by Prince
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u dont even need to read the paper to hear about coz it happens in your own neighbourhood, when i was 11 my friends brother got murdered, and the murderer lived around the corner from me. Its pretty scary to think about it, so i dont think ooh i will turn the news on now, but i hear about it on the radio every mornin and thats enough 4 me.
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