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Usher wants to be like Will


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Here's an article on MTV that I found, mainly about Usher going into acting, but it mentions how he aspires to be like Will:


Here is the important part of the article:

Ultimately, Usher reveals, he'd like to establish the kind of mainstream music/movie career currently being trailblazed by one of Hollywood's biggest stars. "There's probably only one ... Will Smith," he said, beaming with admiration. "You look at the overall build of his career ... I'd love to have something similar to that, man."

I like how he says, "There's probably only one...Will Smith," and how he wants the same overall build of his career. I don't know if he can do it, but it is nice to see that he recognizes how successful he is, how he is really the only one to be doing what he is doing.

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Usher is the man. I can see his career going in the same direction. Every album and single he drops is a hit. And i've seen his acting in variou movies and TV shows. He has a little work 2 do, but he holds his own.

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I dont like Usher since the MTV VMA's, he came to miami in a yatch and the worse thing was that he rubbed it in everyones faces, as soon as he stepped of he was grinning so much. He as a reason to do it but I don't think he needs to rub it in

But its good that other people are reconising Will's success!

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Yeah, Usher is a little conceited, but it is nice he recognizes. I remember back in Willenium time, there was talk of them doing a record together, but it never materialized, I suppose.

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