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I think he's referring the Spurs and Pistons.... Lakers are only a .500 team, well after last night my Bulls ain't even that though so I shouldn't be talking, well starting 0-9 last year was worse... :paperbag: Well the Knicks fans are having a lump of coal for Christmas this year, 6-18, how pathetic and Curry's played most of the games, some of my friends like them so I could always dog them about that! :rofl:

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btw, they played "Boom! Shake The Room" at the Pacers-Cavs game I saw on ESPN just now...

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I always used to hear Boom! when I went to the basketball.. and whoever did the music for the australian nbl a few years ago used to be a jjfp fan.. im looking for the one was the theme song for all the basketball games on tv :mygod:

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There's no way the pistons will get to the bulls record, they just don't have a player like jordan

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Guest renagade_tim

Celtics are goin to win the whole thing this year but i really havent been watchin the games due to school and all so can someone post the scores of all the Celtic games

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