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Weather outside

Guest Prince

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:thumb: Hail Prince!!!
Hi Gang!!!

This is warriorgriff ....the friendly warrior ...taking some
time to "hi five" the gang.
Whats up guys.

Over here ......we are in the Caribbean.

Its usually sunny ....but we are getting a lot of overcast days.
this is good .....because it cools down the climate.
The temp today is about 60 C.

I am tryin to build a vibe (a hype) for "I Robot" amongst my friends.

"I Robot" is sheduled to come out this summer.
We should be going to see it as a group.
This would be great.

I dont get to pass through often...so

Shout to PrinceXcel
Shout to cookies
Shout to AJ ,& willreign

...the friendly warrior

Warriorgriff is a member of the intl will smith crew
(& family) .
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Hey Warriorgriff!

The weather in HOtLanta, is....HOt!! woo~wheee~:egg:
gUd weather 2 chill by tha poolside to. Get a nice tan, dip in the pool...read a script or fitness magazine...drink sum ice cold water. So, I can't complain...just thank God I can enjoy this sunshine... :thumb:

This kinda weather would be much more fun & pleasurable, if i hadn't gone thru a painful breakup tho...but thas anotha chapter n thread tho, huh? :tear:


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Guest Prince
Hey 'sup warriorgriff! Good to hear from you again and cool to see you posting.

Here it's like 15°C, but I do alot of climbing, so I've been in temperatures close to zero with a windchill below freezing so yeah, summertime lol.
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