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If you dont know what it is, google earth is a program were you can view any location on the planet via satelitte. Just like Enemy of the State, but its not live, the pictures are a couple years old. Its extrememly cool but at the same time kinda scary that anybody can be looking at you. But download it, its free and definatly worth it!

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Google bought this technology from Keyhole, and while Google does deserve a lot of credit for sprucing it up and adding further interactivity, let's have a moment of silence for the many contributions Keyhole has made........ Ok, that's enough. I used to have a Keyhole subscription a few years ago and it's definitely a bonus that I don't have to pay for Google Earth. It's a cool program. I expect that teachers would be excited about using it in classrooms and such.

Incidentally, if you want to know how serious imaging sattelites are... as someone mentioned earlier in alluding to Enemy of the State, these are the satellites the Pentagon uses for military and reconnaissance purposes. Yes, they can find your house and can see if your car is parked infront if the weather is clear enough. It would be impossible for civilians to get live up to date images, but even if it were... it's not something the US govenment would allow.

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