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Bad Boys - The Game

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Guest Prince
I'm not gonna get it... From some of the things I've heard it sounds like a bit of a disappointment, plus I don't really have the money to spend on games right now. They seem to be getting more and more expensive. Most new games I see in stores are £40 which is like $80. I dunno if you get it cheaper in the US or not though.
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games are 100 here :eek4: and even when the australian dollar got up to 80 US cents.. they never changed..they are 50 in the US so they should be about 70 here..some1 is ripping us off!! :bang:
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if you talk about Bad Boys 2 the game i have it since March...but i expected it would be more interesting...you play with Marcus or Mike in every episode you are with the other one...but there isn't anything special in the game...it's not based on the film and you just walk and shoot...you get quite bored after 30-40min because you're doing always one and the same - hide behind a wall or desk and shoot. Well there are some funny jokes that Will and martin say while you're playing but their voices and faces aren't the same...the game wasn't very interesting at all but i completed it 4 or 5 times...it's also very short...the first time took me 4 or 5 hours to finish it...
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