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Who bought season 2

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The word "duh" comes 2 mind. One of my friends saw that i had it with me and work. She freaked out and tried 2 steal it. She didn't even know the 1st season had been released. I'm defintly hyped at the moment. I can't wait 2 have some FPofBA marathons. The bonus stuff isn't anything incredible, but still very cool.

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i think i'm gonna wait 2 weeks for my birthday so i can get it 4 free, but i will get it soon. it's pretty cool, both Suncoast Video and SamGoody are owned by the same big company as the store i work 4 so my mom can get a discount when she buys season 2 for me :lolsign:

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can you tell us something about the extras?

only a short review again?

ok well theres 2 different extras

1.best bits


1. the best bits is just the best weather its funniest, dopest,flyest, etc, moment. They are mainly moments with in season 2.

2. bloopers is mostly just bloopers played at the end of the episodes without all the credits rooling by.

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