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TheGame doesnt mention Big Will

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in the song called "Start from scratch" The Game mentioned Big will he says

"I would have told Big Will it rain every Tuesday and Thursday"

probally because of the song "the Rain" by Will, because Game mentions alot of other classic rappers in this song.

i didn't notice this befor so i posted it now i just noticed lol!

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I don't know what point he's trying to make It helps to know how he set up the line.The one thing I know about game is that he has alot of respect for the legends of yesteryear so in which they all do but don't show it but game has love for the old school legends.

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Game spends most of the time rhymin' about other people instead of himself! :stickpoke:

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Well I know the song "The Rain" is like a metaphor for pain. Well I hope I say this right I believe in part of the song Will says "Pain is the mother of change and the rain must flow so that the seeds of joy might grow". But I can't figure out either what Game is trying 2 say. I need to see more of the song.

Maybe he should get in contact with Big Will cause he needs some help with his verses.

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i noticed this too on in this song, but i told myself he probaly wasnt talking about will.

i do think it is pretty random of him to mention it. he said if he wanted to start from scratch he would do_____. (fill in the blank) so maybe hes sayin to will somethin bout his record sales?? i have no idea, im makin this stuff up as i go.

but i have heard the song

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I don't think that he means 'our' Will... I read the lyrics on ohhla.com which is the biggest and best site for lyrics I know and they go like this...

I woulda told Big Will they raid every Tuesday and Thursday

When pigeons in your coup, you gotta watch where your birds lay

That makes also more sense to me! I think he's talkin' about someone else...

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