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Rhymefest - What does everyone think


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I was listening to some live performances on Winamp the other day of Kanye West and I noticed a new video they had of him featuring another rappers upcoming album. The name of the rapper is Rhymefest and I am loving this song. Apperantly this is the same rapper that penned the first verse of Jesus Walks.

Anyway check it out. Good stuff. Tell me what you think.

Also, is it me or does the computerized video style remind you of the Party Starter music video?


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I first heard him on "We Can Make It Better". That showcased a lil skill. Word of mouf made it seems like he's capable of more. I think he had a mixtape out a few months ago too. I think he's a "don't believe the hype" type of artist. You'll either happen to like him or you won't.

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I knew him before the jesus walks/kanye hype... he's a known battlerapper. Dope as hell in battle-rapping.

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ye i got the video. It's not hard to find it actually.

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