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"African Concert" in UK


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Birmingham would be acceptable!

Hopefully 50 would pull out, with fear of being upstaged by Will - which he surely would...

Wouldn't it just be the best news ever if you arrived there and there is a sign "50 cent will no longer be appearing"

"50 Cent has decided to cower in his corner because he is afraid that Will is going to outshine his so-called "talent"...." :lolsign:


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Live concerts always tends to bring the best out of music, Its anatmosphere thing, so dont be afriad to nod your head to some 50 tunes if ya go. I wudnt be ashamed to, not if im excited waiting for Will. Dre beats anyway :gettinjiggywitit:

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Ehum..50 Cent IS a top world artist. hate it or love it.

I hate it.

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